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ambrosial Minecraft Bedrock Editon Launcher

UNDETECTED ambrosial

 Last Version: 15/06/2021

 Developers: disepi


Ambrosial is a launcher for Minecraft: Bedrock Editions (specifically Windows 10 Edition) modifications. With many different amazing cheats!

How it works

Disable Windows Antivirus
Unzip the .rar [you are going to get a .exe]
Launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Make sure u use windowed mode
Then join a server/friend/survival world
Launch the .exe as Administrator and choose what ever you want
[I recommend Zephyr]

Final notes

Have fun! But you can get banned for this on offical Servers!

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  1. 19244

    Click on the download button

  1. 40534

    how do i download it

  2. 35465

    it says to change request url what do I do

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