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Among Us Simplicity Cheats – Free Hacks for Among Us

OUTDATED Among Us Simplicity Cheats - Free Hacks for Among Us 2021

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: saikoonichan

Among Us Simplicity Cheats – like the name suggests – is a simple cheat for Among Us with Impost Hack, Speedhack, No Kill Cooldown and more

It is really easy to get bored while waiting for you turn to be the impostor in Among Us. Even though after playing dozens of games and rounds, you might still be stuck in the tole of a crewmate. A situtation like this can be quite irritating. But what if you could turn the odds in your favor make yourself impostor or crewmate whenever you want.

And it does not just stop there, you can even become a ghost and act like you have been killed by the impostor even though you haven’t been. On top of that you can also use speedhacks to travel across the map very easily and quickly to find bodies, missions or just mess around while every other player is watching you.

among us simplicity cheats

Among Us Simplicity Cheats Features & Keybinds

  • Speed Hack
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • Crewmate Vision
  • and more…


Among Us Simplicity Cheats – Installation Instructions

Downloading, installing and using this hack is easy as any other you can find out there on the internet. Go along with these simple steps that you might already be familiar with and the cheat is all yours!

  1. Like you always do, start by downloading the Among Us Simplicity Cheats down below
  2. After the download process has been finished, open the rar archive that has been downloaded. Extract the dll file which is in there and put it in a folder / directory of your choice
  3. Now that you successfully downloaded and extracted the cheat, you need an injector in order to inject the dll file into Among Us
    You can find many different injectors on our website: CheaterMAD Injectors
  4. Downlod the one that you like the most and put it in the same folder / directory as the dll cheat file
  5. Now we can start the injection process; Start Among Us either through Steam or Epic Games
  6. Run the injector that you have downloaded
  7. Select the dll cheat file in the injector and select the Among Us process
  8. And press Inject
  9. Finally, you can enjoy the beautiness of this great hack, press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu
  10. Enjoy and stay sus!

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Comments (3)

  1. 124114

    does it work or it’s malware?

  2. 72727

    what injecter should I use?

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