Apex Legends No Recoil Free Undetected 2021


 Version: v0.7.3 [BETA] [FIXED]

 Developers: sayoui001 & Cyde

Apex Legends No Recoil Free , Undetected 2021

Hello guys , this Apex Legends No Recoil Free Undetected 2021 NEW AHK Hack. “Apex legends” is one of the most famous battle royales of all time,  and the good thing is it’s free in the market place and still, have maintained its position among the other paid battle royale games like PUBG.

Eventually, Since the day released, it attracted a lot of players in a short amount of time. Even though during the early phase of the game, many popular YouTubers like Shroud and Ninja also started playing the game and began streaming it regularly.

This is the best apex legends free no recoil hack ever made and it’s undetected because its a macro and apex don’t detect AHKs. I am using it for quite a long time, I will give you a brief description on how to use and download it for free.

DEVELOPER NOTE Apex Legends No Recoil Free Undetected 2021 :

There’s an additional anti-cheat bypass given with the no recoil hack you need to download the file and read the steps inside the notepad or its easy you can figure it out by yourself.

I’m making AHK script with auto detect weapon function. This script work fine but have some issue.
I think I would share this script so that everyone can help to improve this script.

 ( Maybe have some bug because I don’t test enough )

I implement from Updated [Apex Legends NoRecoil Script] – PART 2 and

Anyone please leave a problem that u found so I can fix that problem. But I know the recoil pattern is so wried. I will make it better but now I focused on making the auto detect weapon function work perfectly.

If u guys have better pattern that can share or any suggestion u can leave a reply so I can make the script better.

Know issue
– Random mouse freeze (Rarely happen)
– Recoil pattern so weird because I copy paste from many source. (ฺWill fix that in future)
– Auto weapons detection is not accurate. (Still working on it)
– Updated pattern still not perfect.
– Turbocharge weapon seem weird.

Future plan
– Update all weapon pattern.
– Improve performance of script. (Make it cost less lag)
– Auto fire tap weapon.

1. Download and install AHK from (https://www.autohotkey.com)
2. Edit ur sens in NickAR.ahk
3. Run NickAR.ahk as admin
4. Run AHKHider.ahk as admin Make sure u have hyde.dll and hyde64.dll in folder
5. Enjoy

Change log
V 0.2
– Add Rampage pattern. (Credit : filen)
– Improve detection accurate. (Still not 100%)
– Add stop script when in mouse is showing menu. (Will be bug sometimes)
V 0.3
– Update Alternator pattern.
– Update Devotion pattern.
– Fix script not working.
V 0.4
– Add auto fire for tap weapon ( G7 P2020 Hemlok ). To make auto fire work you must bind your secondary shoot key to 9.
– Change the weapon image. ( More accurate I think )
– Improve some performance.
– Add zoom sens.
– Add grenade button. (If you press G then throw grenade you must press 1 or 2 again to detect weapon)
– Update R99, RE45, Rampage and Turbocharge Devotion pattern. (Credit : bubleberry)
– Add Rampage charged. (Credit : bubleberry) (You must press 1 or 2 again to detect weapon)

V 0.4b
– Add scroll mouse to switch weapon
– Fixed auto fire problem when you pressed 3 or G
– Add Prowler pattern. ( I made by myself and still in testing, first 15 bullets is ok but after that maybe weird )
– Add Wingman auto fire. ( If you don’t like you can disable by delete the pattern of Wingman like this [ Wingman_Pattern := { Delete this } ] )

V 0.4c
– Fixed bug sometimes the script detect Wingman as Prowler.
– Update R99 pattern. ( Slightly better )
– Delete Repeater form script.
V 0.5
– Update R99, R301, Volt, Lstar, Flatline and HavocTurboCharge patterns.
– From now you must set your sens in settings.ini
– Add Rampart’s Minigun to script. ( Do we really need this ? ) You must scope in to use. Don’t forget to press 1 or 2 again when you mounting the gun.
– Script now support Tientie (Vengefulcrop) reciol patterns generating method. ( You can see pattern example in file PatternExample.txt )
V 0.6
– Move pattern to txt files.
– Update Havoc pattern.

V 0.7 Beta
– Change pictures that use for detect weapons from weapons part to weapons name.
– The weapon detect function should work better.

V 0.7 Beta 2
– Add RU language support. ( Change language in setting.ini )
– Short some code.
– All of 0.7 Beta 2 update was a contribute from VerTox


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