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New free cheat Overlay Cheat BF5 – Internal overlay on BATTLEFİELD V CHEAT. A great solution for players who want to dominate game servers. This cheat is very simple and safe, the probability of getting banned for using this hack is very small, if only you will play aggressively and noticeably to others.


Here there are a couple of functions that you will need and like, for example, the main function of this hack is the ESP Lines function that will direct the lines at your opponents and thus you will know about their location, gray means you do not see the player, and if the color is orange, then the player is in the field of view. There is also a function that warns you if someone is watching you. And another feature is a secure screenshot, i.e. if you take a screenshot, it will not display the cheat for security reasons.

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Developer: WhiteByte

Last updated: [18/08/2020]

Version: v1.4

Size: 29.64 Kb

ESP Lines
ESP Distance
FairFight screenshot safe (check the log) If ESP disappears FF has taken a screenshot (clean one of course)
Spectator warning

How To Use
Start the game to the main screen and then use windowed or borderless mode and inject after that.
I use Cheat Tool Set PRO to inject.


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