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Best Free Fishing Planet Hack v4.1

UNDETECTED Free Fishing Planet Hack

 Last Version: 31/12/2021

 Developers: haxzingterr0r

FishHAXZ v4.0 is the Best Free Fishing Planet Hack you can find out there. It has great features like flyhack, insta reel, big fish and many more… Fishing Planet is a free to play unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator which is developed for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual fishing! It’s safe to say that Fishing Planet is the best fishing game available on console and on computer.

best free fishing planet hack

It packs lots of content that you could play it for hundreds of hours and still find enjoyment and fun in going back for more. It’s mechanically sound, too, making the act of fishing with other players engaging yet not overly complicated or gamey. And with the Best Free Fishing Planet Hack, you will enjoy the game so much more. Also click HERE to see more of out fishing related hacks

INSTRUCTIONS for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

  1. Note: This hack only works for the Steam release of Fishing Planet.
  2. Download the FishHAXZ_v4.rar file
  3. Extract it wherever you like on your computer
  4. Start Fishing Planet
  5. Make sure you have the most up to date injeciton.bin file.
  6. Make sure injeciton.bin is in the same folder as FishHAXZ.exe
  7. Start the hack when the game is running, and press any key to inject (it may take a minute depending on your cpu).
  8. You may close the injector when it is finished.
  9. Have fun catching them big fishes 😀

free fishing planet hack

FEATURES for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

  • Mod Menu
  • Flyhack
  • Big Fish Models
  • No Fish Fight
  • InstaReel
  • Disable Water
  • ESP (shows length, weight, and fish type)
  • To join our Discord server for support, click HERE

Current Issues for Free Fishing Planet Hack:

Sharks may get stuck with big fish models.
Rods on rod stands will hook less fish while big fish models is enabled.
Mod menu and ESP text may overlap if you’re playing in a low resolution.
Fishing rods do not work on rod pods that are placed high above ground.
Placing a rod on a pod high above ground or under ground will get you stuck in a slow animation until your character reaches the ground.

free fishing planet hack

Fishing Planet Hack Change Log:


  • Improved Feature: Rod Pod Mod
  • Rod Pods now function normally when placed in the air
  • Rods can be picked up and placed on pods quicker


  • The hack now runs internally after injecting
  • Added mod menu
  • injection.bin should survive through most updates now
  • FlyHack works with controllers
  • Fixed issue with big fish models getting stuck
  • Added custom key binding options
  • Added generated debug files
  • Added toggle for no fish fight
  • Working for update 3.12.x


  • Added ESP hack (shows length, weight, and fish type)
  • Added disable water render hack
  • Fixed boundary issues with flyhack after 3.12.8 update
  • Fixed game crashing when ESP is on in pause menu


  • Working for update 4.0.x
  • New backend for quicker and easier updates in the future
  • Potential fix for some users’ systems being unable to find a module and giving “Error: Hook x not found…”
  • New feature: Place a Rod Pod anywhere (Do not use Rod Pods high above the ground)
  • You can now Flyhack and walk in the water without having a line cast
  • Can no long bind hacks to controller or mouse buttons (The game changed the input system so it’ll be more work to use them)

Winrar Password: 123

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