CrossFire Wallhack


 Version: NA/WEST x64

 Developers: TheGe2k

CrossFire Wallhack

I present to you the best CrossFire Wallhack of 2021. Eliminate the walls and watch your opponents, with this excellent wallhack you can count the steps of your opponents and wait for them with your reticle ready. In CrossFire, you will see your enemies through the textures on the map (as shown in the screenshot), walls, boxes, doors, etc. It can be any structure.

How to Use CrossFire Hack ?

  1. Download any x64 Injector.
  2. Download DLL From Attachments.
  3. Pick dll to Injector.
  4.  Open Game then Click on Inject CrossFire Wallhack DLL .


Features and Enable CrossFire Cheat :

  • WallHack = F2
  • Phantom Light = F3
  • SeeGhost = F4
  • Unlimited Bag = F5 (B)
  • Show/Hide Menu = INSERT
  • Clear Screen = END

Developer Note : 

(B): Click ‘B’ When Enable Feature First.
Clear Screen: Remove All Texts from the Screen (You can recover it by clicking same button [END])

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