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CS2 Free Cheat | Counter Strike 2 NoRecoil Hack v2

UNDETECTED CS2 Free Cheat | Counter-Strike 2 Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Daived

Although it seems a bit difficult to find Undetected and reliable cheats in Counter-Strike 2, as cheatermad.com, we offer you the first CS2 Free Cheat on our site. This Counter-Strike 2 Hack is Free, but Use At Own Risk!

As you can see, Valve has started working on increasing the Free cheats and hacks Counter-Strike 2 protection to a very high level in Counter-Strike 2. Therefore, remember that you will use the CS2 Free Cheat we offer at your own risk! The cheats you will use can cause you to get vac ban quickly, so be very careful. Therefore, the risk is completely yours.

Functions & Features of Counter-Strike 2 Hack:

On our website, you can already find free cheats and hacks for the new game Counter-Strike 2, which was just released. You can now download cheats and get more game features in comparison to other players in this upgraded version of the Counter-Strike game, which is part of a series. Because the game is new while the protection is still old, players are still able to use cheats and hacks in it. This is because the protection has not been updated.

cs2 free cheat | counter-strike 2 hack

You will have access to all of the most popular features of cheats if you use them in the new version of the game Counter-Strike 2, including aimbot for accurate aimbot, wallhack or esp for displaying players through textures on the map, triggerbot for automatic aiming.

  • M4A4 (Numpad1)
  • M4A1 (Numpad2)
  • FAMAS (Numpad3)
  • AK47 (Numpad4)
  • Galil (Numpad5)
  • UMO (Numpad6)
  • AUG (To use NoRecoil in zoom, hold LAlt key when shooting)
  • SG (To use NoRecoil in zoom, hold LAlt key when shooting)

How to use CS2 AHK NoRecoil Script

AHK No Recoil for CS2 and CSGO + Bhop contains a config file for customizing hotkey values.

  • Include the same mouse sensitivity settings from the game in the config file.
  • You may alter the keybind settings for weapons in the config file as you see fit.

The Free CS2 No Recoil Cheat, as usual, was made with the support of Russian developers and all credits go to him. Follow the instructions below exactly, if you’re doing something wrong, post a comment or join our discord server to ask for help. If you managed to cheat, don’t forget to post a comment as feedback!

Instructions of CS2 Free Cheat

  1. Download CS2 Free Cheat from the download button below
  2. Download the script from below and download (AHK) AutoHotkey
  3. Extract the file named NoRecoil.rar to the folder (password: 123)
  4. Then start the cs2 game
  5. Run the script as admin
  6. Make sure the game is in Borderless Windowed
  7. Enjoy


I improved and modified the Jumpbug/Bhop code for this Counter-Strike 2 NoRecoil & Bhop Hack by converting it into an AutoHotKey script.

How it work;
– Make sure you always get a best speed on the first jump on (flat floor) and continue bhoping.
– Make sure put this command in console

bind mwheeldown +jump;

Side mouse buttons (XButton1)

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