CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack – Internal/External

csgo katebot simple multihack

 Version: 1.0.8

 Developers: klorik

CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack

Hi guys, CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack – Internal/External who is the Old School Hack and one of the oldest cheats. More than 5 years since this cheat was published.
It is famous for its undetectable power and strength.
and it was detected only 2 times. and now it has been updated again. You can use this hack with confidence. You can fearlessly hack Katebot on your Main accounts, but be aware that this is a publicly available internal/external cheat.

Features CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Bunnyhop
  • Skinchanger & Knifechanger
  • GlowESP:
  • HealthBased
  • BodyColor
  • C4 Owner & Defuse Player (Glow BLUE color)

How to Use CSGO KateBot Simple Multihack

  1. Copy “Config.ini” in to dir: C:KateBotConfig.ini
  2. Close CSGO and Steam
  3. Open Extreame Injector v3.6.1
    3.1 -Go to Settings and make how on screenshotcsgo katebot simple multihack
    3.2 –Now Open Scrambling options and Setup All without “Create new entrypoint”
    csgo katebot simple multihack
    3.3 –Press OK for save settings.
  4. Open Settings again and press “Start in Secure Mode”. Need wait, Extreame Injector Restarted
  5. Select any x32 process in “Process Name:”. I am use WinHex.
  6. Don’t inject in to CSGO, you can get BAN!!!
  7. Press “Add DLL” and select “KateBot.dll”
  8. Press Inject. Injector itself is closed, if not closed, close it manually!csgo katebot simple multihack
  9. Enjoy



  1.  Don’t inject in CSGO
  2. Unbind Left Mouse Button in csgo for aim(command: unbind mouse1)
  3. Join Discord : https://dsc.gg/cheatermad

Change Log : 

-Fix flickering knife
-Added BSP Parser for fast visible check(credits to ReactiioN)
-Auto clear Temp dir after injecting(scrambled Extreame Injector and Hack.dll)
-Other fixes
-BSPParsing = true – enable/disable fast view check
-Skinchanger.AutoUpdate = false – Auto update skins(can lags)
-Updated signatures
-Added costumizable keys


Only logged in users can download cheat.

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