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FREE MINECRAFT HACK – External Auto Fishing Bot

UNDETECTED Auto Fishing Bot

 Last Version: 22/03/2021

 Developers: Dan2006

Hi dear CheaterMad members, have shown how you are using Minecraft Auto Fishing Bot in this post. First, we download the Minecraft External from the red button below and throw it to the desktop. We then open by double-clicking. Enjoy 🙂

This bot will allow you to fish automatically while AFK. With normal fishing rods lasting 64-Durability each, that gives you a maximum of 576 Catches. Enchanted rods with unbreaking will allow you to go much further. Keep in mind the Rod-Lock Protection feature will automatically skip to the next hotbar item if no catch was detected as it assumed rod broke early (Helps with custom throws & Unbreaking RNG). This bot will also record all progress live in the bot-stats box. Have fun getting rich!

Auto Fishing Bot Features:

  • Auto Catch Detection
  • Hot-bar Utilization
  • Smart Save (Save Rod’s Enchantments)
  • Anti-Afk Protection
  • Leave World/Server Option
  • Variable Customization
  • Rod-Lock Protection (If Rod Broke Early Skip)

– In your music & sounds… settings, you will want to turn all sounds off except Master Volume & Friendly Creatures.
– Bellow are a few key-binds you need to change in your games settings. (If you wish to use these settings) Auto Fishing Bot

  • Auto Eject Rod – Must Bind Drop Selected Item as middle-mouse-button (Push down scroll wheel)
  • Anti-AFK – Must Bind Sneak as left-mouse-button (Left click button)


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