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Free Cheat Genshin Impact v3.2 | PogMenu

UNDETECTED Free Cheat Genshin Impact

 Last Version: 03/11/2022

 Developers: Taiga#5601

Hi guys, this great Free Cheat Genshin Impact | PogMenu has unique genshin impact hacking features. It offers you the best and most up-to-date features. This genshin impact Free cheat is inspired by CrazzyShot and you will see its features in the images, I must say that it is a genshin impact chea that has everything you need. Visit our category for more Free Genshin Impact Cheats and Hacks.

free cheat genshin impact

Features of Free Cheat Genshin Impact:


  • Rapid Fire
  • Disable Enemy Attacks
  • Always Full Energy
  • No E/Q Cooldown
  • Succ / Vacuum / TP Enemies ( ONLY works on Enemies and not NPC ! )
  • Adjust X and Z spawn distance
  • KickDown / Despawn / Auto Kill


  • Auto Speedup Dialog
  • Auto Climb
  • Low Gravity
  • Gravity Jump
  • Manual NoClip
  • Freeze Coordinates

Others – 

  • Remove Fog
  • Remove Grass / No Touch Grass!
  • FPS Unlocker
  • Custom Profile ( For screenshot purpose only LOL )
  • Change Avatar
  • Adventure Rank
  • Adventure EXP

free cheat genshin impact

How To Use the Free Cheat Genshin Impact:


  • Load your game and terminate ‘mhyprot2’ handle then inject the dll(most common way)
  • Manual inject right BEFORE you go through the door or ‘press start game’. Doing it this way doesn’t require you to close the handle which is a lot more convenient in my opinion(requires handle bypass).


INSERT to Show/Hide menu

  • Joining/Leaving CO-OP mode and Entering/Leaving a dungeon or abyss will turn OFF the Succ feature if you have it enabled. This is to prevent your character from flying around everywhere in the map.
  • DO NOT use the KickDown feature when you are getting Energy Particles back or else you might not get your loot from enemies.
  • In CO-OP mode, using the Succ feature will Succ your teammates. Same thing applies when you enter your Teapot and when you have companions nearby.
  • Succ feature will TP all your attacks to the enemy(does not apply for melee). If you have Yoimiya, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing any shots. VeryPog!!
  • Meat and Fowl farming will be a lot easier now. Also VeryPog!!

free cheat genshin impact

FAQ for Free Cheat Genshin Impact:

Q: Can I inject this with xxx’s Free Cheat Genshin Impact?
A: Yes! you can. If we happen to use the same features with same functions, try enabling both to prevent any issues.
Q: Can I use this on my main account?
A: Absolutely. All the tests I’ve done since patch 1.4 is on my main account, AR 56 without getting banned. However, I cannot guarantee its safety using it with other cheats.
Q: Will you add xxx feature in future release?
A: Depends. I did not include some features in this release since I didn’t find them myself.
Q: Can I suggest some features later on?
A: Yes! I do run out of ideas sometimes and as long as your suggestion is valid and not server sided, I will gladly take it.
Q: Can I use Succ feature over time and bring the enemies everywhere I go?
A: Yes! You can even try and bring some enemies from Liyue to Inazuma if you want. Although there are some cases that enemies will disappear if you have travelled too far away.
Q: I’m too lazy to read. Is there a TLDR for this thread?
A: Sure. Hover your mouse to [?] from the GUI menu.

Developer Note for Free Cheat Genshin Impact

Hello CheaterMAD Members, I started this genshin impact cheat project a long time ago. However, I’ve been quite busy with work and uni so intead of it just laying around I’ve decided to share it to the community

Also Big thanks to CrazyShoot for providing some ideas and reference.

If you need support, join our Discord Server!

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  1. 93718

    crash after inject

  1. 65013

    Crash after inject

  2. 143058

    hello! i wonder if it can work on China genshin impact?

  3. 138978

    Crash after inject

  4. 136529

    Crash after inject

  5. 80127

    Crashes after inject

  6. 69875

    Is the adventure rank hack only cosmetic or does it actually change the rank, and is it detected/bannable?

  7. 116136

    it has been detec btw

  8. 100776

    is there a way to login without verifying email? because i lost my email on my account

  9. 97455

    Crashes after injection though might take a while to update since the dev is busy with work

  10. 114724

    the game crashes after injection

  11. 115943

    btw it crashes after injecting

  12. 119708

    do u have any video tutorial to share ?

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    crash after inject

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    crash after inject

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    crash after inject

  16. 125610

    crash after inject ( ‘mhyprot2’ terminated )

  17. 115652

    crash after inject

  18. 119409

    AND can the author add the function of automatically absorbing materials within hundreds of meters

  19. 119409

    It doesn’t work on Chinese version

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