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Free CS2 Hack [ANYX.GG]


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: anyx.gg

Have you not yet downloaded the Free CS2 Hack offered by the ANYX.GG ? They provide a cheat for Counter-Strike 2 with ESP and Triggerbot, and I’ve tested it for almost a week (still no bans) – and it’s completely free. These free CS2 cheats can be used safely.

The process of downloading and using this CS2 cheat is very straightforward. If you’re unsure whether this cheat has been detected, don’t forget to check its status before each use. We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that our free Counter-Strike 2 cheat remains undetected. If you need any help, please follow the video guide.


Demonstrating minimal effort in consistently maintaining and updating ANYX.GG’s cheats is noteworthy. Regular updates play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustained effectiveness and undetectability of hacks, especially in games like Counter-Strike 2. Staying informed about these updates is crucial, not only minimizing user risks but also contributing to a seamless gaming experience. In summary, this cheat for CS2 is presently secure and undetectable. Please make sure to verify that the cheat is in good standing before usage.

Tutorial Video of ANYX.GG Free CS2 Hack

Features of Free CS2 Hack [ANYX.GG]:

  • Triggerbot
  • Supporting System

Name ESP (changeable colours)
Box ESP (changeable colours)
Cornered Box (changeable colours)
Filled ESP (changeable colours)
Health bar
Armor bar
Weapon ESP (changeable colours)
Skeleton ESP (changeable colours)
Head Cirlcle (changeable colours)

Custom Triggerbot Key

Windows 10
Windows 11

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    free for 7 days so its not that good

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