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FruitY Client Winter Update []

OUTDATED FruitY Client Winter Update

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Soibelarus

FruitY Client Winter Updatet (modded client)

Hey, I FruitY Client Winter Update client, fixed some issues and added new features.

  • It is possible to switch between GOG and Steam versions;
  • Custom interface (.ui or .interface);
  • Ability to play without modifications (Do not press start FruitY)
  • And all information about commands – .help;

FruitY Client Winter Update  Current version:

Added Config – There you can change some parameters, including the chat size. (works after restart)
Added new Button in Main menu: [Off fruity] – disable client.
Added .invlist – List of saved inventories.

Added .slap [name] [count] – Cause damage to a player. (in pvp)
Added .killall – Kill all player. (in pvp) ~ 1200dmg
Added .spawnmob (.sm) [id/Name] – Spawn mobs,npc and bosses by IDs or Names.
Added .time [noon/day/dusk/night] – Set the time. (buggy in online)
Added .noknockback (.nkb) – Disable player’s knockback

Added .invswap – The ability to change the player’s skin depending on his direction
.invleft – Set left skin; .invright – Set right skin;
And .invswap – Change your skin to .invleft when you are rotated to the left and to .invright when to the right.
Added .packet [ID] – Send packet to server.

Added .offfruity – Disable client.
Added .clearchat – Clear all chat.
Added new type of Interface (lines) and a Game with Hearts [Open new menu] 🙂
and Major fixes and optimizations.