Geometry Dash Hack – Mega Hack v5.4

geometry dash hack

 Version: 5.4

 Developers: Absolute

Geometry Dash Hack – Mega Hack v5.4

Q: How to use it?
A: 1. Download Setup
2. Run Setup
3. Open Geometry Dash
4. Open Mega Hack
5. Done

Q: Does it work for pirated version?
A: Yes

Q: Is it virus?
A: No.


Anti-Cheat Bypass : Editor Kick
Anti-Cheat Bypass : Level Completion
Anti-Cheat Bypass : Level Kicks
Anti-Cheat Bypass : Level Reset
Anti-Cheat Bypass : Load Failed
Anti-Cheat Bypass : Speedhack
Force Visibility
FPS Bypass
Free Window Resize
No Rotation
No Transition

Backup Stars Limit
Basement Key Bypass
Challenge Bypass
Character Filter
Free Shop Items
Gatekeeper Vault
Guard Vault
Keymaster Basement
Keymaster vault
Main Levels
Potbar Shop
Scratch Shop
Slider Limit
Song Bypass
Text Length
Treasure Room
Unblock Hack

(Value Changers)
Copy Hack
Custom Object Bypass
Default Song Bypass
Editor Extension
Free Scroll
Hide UI
Level Edit
No (C) M ark
Object Bypass
Place Over
Rotation Hack
Testmode Bypass
Toolbox Button Bypass
Verify Hack
Z Order Bypass
Zoom Bypass

(Value Changers)
Accurate Percentage
Everything Hurts
Force Block Type
Force Trail State
Freeze Player
Hide Attemps
Ignore ESC
Instant Complete
Inversed Trail
Jump Hack
No Particles
No Pulse
Practice Music Hack

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