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GTA 5 Bread Hack (Unlocker, Infinite Money, Rig Slot Machine)

UNDETECTED GTA 5 Bread Hack (Stat Editor, Unlocker, Rig Slot Machine, Free Money, Change RP Level)

 Last Version: 19/01/2022

 Developers: 1337Nexo

GTA 5 Bread Hack is a simple stat editor, cars / clothes / etc. unlocker and a RP level changer. Which you can download for free on our website. You can also rig the slotmachines in the Diamond Casino. With this method you can easily gain infinite amount of money.

Slot Machine Rigging / Infinite Money

You probably know this feature from Kiddion’s Modest Menu, which is the best free mod menu out there.
This hack features hacks the slot machine system in GTA Online and lets you win every single time you play the slot machines. You can abuse this feature to get infinite chips and exchange them for money. But you should still be careful as this may be detected in the future. So, you shouldn’t hack on an account that you don’t want to risk getting banned. If you have one, I recommend you to hack on your alt account.

GTA 5 Bread Hack – Features

  • Set Ballistic Equipment Request Value (you can get rid of money using this).
  • Rank Changer.
  • Stat editor (int, float, bool, increment).
  • Unlocks (Magic, Bools, Ints, Modded Run, Cayo Perico Heist, Diamond Casino Heist, Bunker Research, Reset Mental State, Gold Business Battle Trophy, Unhide Gunlocker Weapons).
  • Clear Wanted Level, Stop Cutscene and Go Into Personal Vehicle.
  • Packed Int Editor.
  • Packed Bool Editor.
  • IsDlcPresent hook (R* Dev Mode).


GTA 5 Bread Hack – Installation

  1. Download the hack dll
  2. Extract the dll out of the rar file
  3. Start GTA 5
  4. Go into online mode. Doesn’t matter what kind of lobby it is
  5. Inject it with an injector of your choice [Xenos injector is confirmed that it’s working]#
  6. Video : https://streamable.com/1r45ql

Developer Note

If it crashes is because your CPU does not support AVX2, I can’t do anything about it. Go ahead and buy a new PC or ask a friend who has a newer PC to use for you.

how to use:
inject the GTA 5 Bread Hack DLL (Bread.dll) using PH2, Xenos or ScyllaInject into “GTA5.exe”, go back to the game and press INSERT to open the gui.
make sure your CPU supports AVX2.
stats are located in AppData/Roaming/BigBaseV2/stat_editor.json.

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  1. 62103

    I don’t get the rig machine options and unlock everything options

  2. 47060

    dont use this insta ban

  3. 46936

    its say gta5 not running

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