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GTA 5 Casino Hack For EPIC Games | GTA V Online 1.58

UNDETECTED gta v roulette hack

 Last Version: 21/12/2021

 Developers: asksqw

If you are playing the gta 5 game online, go to the big casino and gamble and get rich. GTA 5 Casino Hack is an UNDETECTED hack with the use of CheatEngine that will help you a lot at this point. Note that you should only use this free GTA 5 Casino Hack in GTA V Epic Game version. Browse our Category for Gta 5 Mod Menus and have fun!

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How to use GTA 5 Casino Hack

  1. First You Need To Have Gta V on Epic Games.
  2. After that you need to Download CheatEngine Then Install it.
  3. First Start Gta V and then Start a Solo Session.
  4. Then Open CheatEngine Press The Computer Button as Seen in the screenshot here: https://i.imgur.com/G6fALJE.png
  5. Then In Process List Press Grand Theft Auto V Then Press Open If Your stuck Here: https://i.imgur.com/G6fALJE.png
  6. Then drag CasinoHackSimpleEPICGames_ver.ct Into Cheat engine
  7. Then Set at this Roulette Table. : https://i.imgur.com/nzXTEoQ.png
  8. Now Pick A Number It doesn’t matter.
  9. Then Go To cheat engine and change the table number to the number you picked Then Press The Box
  10. There should Be a Red X in it as seen here: https://i.imgur.com/1sp7GGs.png
  11. Then When The Time Turns Red or hits 00:00 change the bet to whatever you want don’t go over 55555 as its the max.
  12. After That You Should win like 1.9 mill
  13. That’s It To Do It again pick a new number and change it in CheatEngine and press the box again
  14. Do Not Abuse it Just to stay safe and not get banned

Winrar Password: 123

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  1. 121880

    5. picture does not work

    Table works normally
    Bet shows ->????????????????

    not working for me

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