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Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege v.4.0 (Offline & Online)

UNDETECTED Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege v.3.0 (Offline & Online)

 Last Version: 22/11/2021

 Developers: CedPlay

Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege is Free to Download Hack with many features including Aimbot, ESP that you can use online an offline

Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege lets you gain advantage over your enemies quite easily by providing you with Aimbot, ESP and Misc functions (you can find the full list of functions down below). With Aimbot, the cheat will aim on the enemy for you making it super effortless for you to shoot your enemiess.

But if you are alwaysy getting surprised by your enemies when you or they peek out of the corner, I would recommend you to use the Wallhack / ESP (Extrasensory perception) features of this cheat that draws information about the enemies on your screen which allows you to see them behind walls and objects.

How to Use Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege

(Offline Method)

  1. Turn off battleeye with (/belaunch)
  2. Run Rainbow Six Siege
  3. Inject the dll you downloaded.

(Online Method) (might bug with v3)

  1. Download “face injector” from -> here
  2. Open the “main.cpp”
  3. change the line with “Respawn001” to “R6Game”, the dll you downloaded from cheatermad you rename in the dll you compiled it (default “test.dll”)
  4. Compile and Run the injector (with the dll in the same parth)
  5. Run rainbow Six
  6. Enjoy

Internal Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege – Features


  • AimFov
  • DrawFOV
  • AimLine to Best Target


  • Box ESP(Box, CornerBox(Pasted))
  • Fill Box
  • Box Decoration (idk looked funny to me so i added it)
  • Healthbar (Healthbased colors)
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Snapline ESP (TopScreen/MiddleScreen/BottomScreen)
  • Funny ESP (Kommando/Brekz/Trolla)
  • Operator Name
  • Custom Text ESP


  • No Clip
  • Crosshairs (Normal,Swastika,Spinning Swastika)
  • Toggle Snowflakes in Meu
Developer Notes

Changelog 4.0

  1. -Removed some featues due update.
  2. -Added Gadget ESP
  3. -Added NoSpread
  4. -Added No Recoil
  5. -Added Glow
  6. -Added new Menu
  7. -Added Fire Mode (OneShootTwoShootThreeShootAutomatic) (thats rapid fire for single shot weapons)
  8. -Added 3D Box

Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (5)

  1. dont try it online its a uc post and the dev said that you will get banned for 100% so just use it if you are fine with it

  2. how do i open face injector

  3. alright good work but how many after run in online got banned? any one test?

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