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Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat / Aimbot / Visual

OUTDATED Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat

 Last Version: 09/08/2021

 Developers: scarlord - aStonedPenguin - Ozaron

This Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat has been cr4cked by 3 different developers and I am sharing it for you, dear CheaterMAD members, I will not be able to write much explanation for this cheat because its images tell us everything, keep following our CheaterMAD CSGO category.A lot of people said it crashed on most injectors, but I tested it myself with MadInjector and it worked fine.,

Browse this thread for MadInjector : https://cheatermad.com/madinjector

This cheat is a Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat that you can use in CSGO. Russian developers get 500 Rubles per month for this cheat so $7 xd but remember it’s free for you, because this intersense csgo cheat is Cr4ckl by scarlord – aStonedPenguin and Ozaron. We aim to increase your gaming pleasure in this cheat menu with a completely legit interface.
Don’t forget to thank the developers who gave us this cheat in the comments!

Here is Scarlord Discord Server : https://discord.com/invite/dKQ6zhFcSs

How to use Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat ?

  1. Download intersense.rar from our website.
  2. Extract rar file to folder (Pass 123)
  3. Start MadInjector as administrator
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Inject Intersense.dll via MadInjector


Intersense Legit CSGO Cheat Menu


Winrar Password: 123

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