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MadLoader – MadUI | CSGO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Pubg Free Cheats App v5

UNDETECTED MadLoader - MadUI | CSGO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Pubg Free Cheats App v5

 Last Version: 18/03/2023

 Developers: Cheater.Net

We as the CheaterMad theam, are super excited to to present you with the brand new MadLoader MadUI v5 – Best Cheats in One App. This 5th version, the completely recoded version of the v4 offers many tons of cheats that everyone loves to play, especially for popular multiplayer online games including CSGO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA 5 and many more!

On top of that none of the cheats provided in our loader require a sperate injector, meaning that all you have to do is press start in the cheat page, and you are good to go! The loader will be constantly updated and new cheats being added every couple of days!

It is nothing like you have seen before, MadLoader has a much better optimization than other loaders and moreover, not only in optimization. Most other loaders only support single games such as CSGO but we are the first ones to release such a loader that has support for dozens of games as well as cheats and hacks for them! It has a much better design and a lot of features other than cheats. With sections like the live chatbox and the social tab, you will never feel bored even while exploring our loader!

About MadLoader v5

Since MadLoader is a setup file, you can choose the options offered to you according to yourself. You can also  remove it from the control panel at any time. With the customizable setup steps, you can also install in any of your drives and in any folder you want.

There are no unnecessary buttons or silly images in this cheat installer. It creates a nice look for you with a very stylish theme. Moreover, the MadLoader itself uses very little CPU, RAM, and disk space Therefore, MadLoader is a great choice even on low-end systems. Thanks to this low amount of resources, you can also understand that there are absolutely no malwares in the program such as bitcoin miners.

madloader - madui | csgo, valorant, apex legends, pubg free cheats app v5

If you need support, join our discord server.
Please do not neglect to share your suggestions and ideas with us. And chat with other MadLoader users on the Discord server as well as in the loader itself!

Features of MadLoader:

  • Support for tons of games (Including CS:GO and Valorant)
  • Tons of cheats for each of those games
  • Status of the cheats (Undetected, Detected & Outdated)
  • Save login credentials for future usage as it is operated on a website
  • Click & Play inject and start mechanism
  • Automatic updates
  • Social media section on each cheat’s page
  • And more being worked on right now!

madloader - madui | csgo, valorant, apex legends, pubg free cheats app v5

How to Use MadUI

  1. Disable / turn off your antivirus software the setup file can be falsely flagged and blocked from downloading
  2. Download the setup file from the download button below
  3. The downloaded file should be a RAR file, open the folder where it is located and extract the setup file from the archive using an archive extractor such as WINRAR or 7zip
  4. Run the setup file
  5. Either click “Next” until you the installation has finished or specify the installation folder yourself (Default location is in the C:\ drive)
  6. After the installation has finished, you should see it on your desktop, run MadLoader
  7. Now that the program is up and running on your device, go to madui.app, login to your account and you should be able to see all the games and their according cheats
  8. Select the category you want, select one of the listed cheats and press start to initialize it
  9. Once you are logged in, you can click on the games tab, select your game and using any cheat you want
  10. Enjoy and have fun!



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  1. 94336

    how to get licsent key?

  1. 342547

    va pup baietii mei frumosi sa va iau coaili alea mari si zemoase in gura va pwp

  2. 307857

    how do
    i know if its working on pubg steam

  3. 203132

    The rouge company cheat loads when it finishes it says open game when i open game i says close game. how to fix

  4. 293492

    nice it work thanks

  5. 289083


  6. 289083

    vürüs var indirmeyın yalancı bunlara kanmay coker

  7. 188932

    Not working :/

  8. 273951

    your loader is not working

  9. 96967

    #MadLoaderBestCheatLoader it has had its ups and downs but its clean now! i respect that… ( i am a paid cheat user but its still a good loader for free cheat users )

  10. 89643

    Hey it doesn’t seem to work for some reason doesn’t even load up the UI

  11. 195524

    rogue company cheat no work

  12. 263334

    valorant cheat : 9h driver loading 😍👌

  13. 195524

    when i try to log in it tells me stop

  14. 266940

    if i start the cheat a new windows pops up and says open again… and then the Window close what can i do to fix it

  15. 261622

    just downloaded it and when i open madui nothing happens i need help plz

  16. 260626

    Im getting “This APP is not for ur version”

  17. 255301

    apex is detected

  18. 255626

    Why does it load infinitely?

  19. 190659

    bro i am getting 1xxxx error

  20. 234569

    I start and nothing opens how to fix?

  21. 196902

    says confirm ad but ad is not showing! who to contact to solve this problem?

  22. 211775

    I installed and I start but nothing happens, someone could help me help me plz plz plz plz

  23. 93159

    still no valorant

  24. 1824


  25. 96967

    Cheat Suggestion – World War 3

  26. 192738

    I installed and I start but nothing happens, someone could help me

  27. 208999

    I open the application, I log in, but it crashes and closes itself.

  28. 190858

    Does it work on windows 11?

  29. 190484

    Better use linkverties, make for example 3 keys in the program, a person goes to linkverties and after 3 linkverties he gets 1 key out of three

  30. 148809

    when do u guys awnser to fix it?

  31. 148809

    still not working!!!! pls repair quicker staff cmon u said 2 days ago u are fixing! win 11 ver 1.4.1 worked and now win 11 v4 not working 64x bit

  32. 190351

    does this not work on windows 10 64 bit because when it opens nothing happens

  33. 189566

    nice update fast

  34. 93159

    awww they dont support 64bit

  35. 189834

    this menu is a demon thanks devs 🙂

  36. 188749

    Is there still apex?

  37. 184677

    Very good, just need now a cheat developer for pubg steam.

  38. 187692

    where can i find the discord

  39. 187580

    Unfortunately got banned within a few minutes in a practice game. Anything to prevent 3rd party software detection?

  40. 186846

    mad loader on top <3

  41. 157028

    work no problems

  42. 157028

    Cannot load file libcrypto-1_1.dll Error: 126
    What can I do?

  43. 186143

    can you guys please add a apex cheat

  44. 184891

    Daddy Prog would reply to this …

  45. 4890

    And when will cheats be updated? because all cheat or crash or bounce the minimap like stupid kid or buggy on glove skins

    • 68189

      There is a status under every cheat’s name that says whether it is unsafe/unstable or undetected. The frequest crashes might be an issue with your computer (unless you are using unstable cheats)

  46. 183250

    Why delete plague.cc hack from loader? The best and properly working hack, but loader itself is AWESOME

  47. 34552

    Can anyone help me? When I inject a cheat my game crash and close. Any ideea?

  48. 183495

    if im using virtual machine, what i need to do?

  49. 5026

    Definitely the best loader you can get for CS, constant updates (details are released on the discord server) with a shit ton of working cheats. Dev is doing an amazing job. No RATs, no cryptominers, just a functional and good loader. I’ve been cheating for over a year now and have tried paid cheats, free cheats and different loaders. And the best thing is: It’s free. Yes, there are ads (key system; linkvertise to get a key), but you can buy a lifetime sub for cheap. Yes, the key system is a bit annoying, but considering this is completely free and not full of RATs or viruses it’s justifiable. If you want a loader, then get this one. Happy cheating!

  50. 19888

    how to know whats cheat safe?

  51. 183250

    Lol, requires Activation Key, where should i get it from?

  52. 183114

    cool release

  53. 656

    its best loader the world

  54. 167973

    please fix aurora click for inject aurora wtf injecting osiris

  55. 172586

    how do yu get up the menu after injecting

  56. 169681

    Onetap v2 and v3 crashing. Can somebody help?

  57. 1337

    Added OneTap v2 & v3 crack!!!

  58. 167973

    new update for loader bypasser is bug

  59. 16452

    wtf how to download? on the final link, there is no button to download

  60. 16452

    finally new update!

  61. 157098

    when i click download and wait the 50 seconds it leads me to their discord instead of downloading wtf help me

  62. 44161

    guys dont use vac bypass it doesn’s work and sometimes it even crashes the game or gets detected. without vac bypass the game runs fine, just open the game inject a trusted well known cheat and play. i used vac bypass but by the grace of god i didnt got detected and vac banned, my game just crashed. use this method and you will be doing fine ?

  63. 4890

    I think this detected, or just make me ban out process in vac ? I start VAC Bypass every time I start a game and the same way. Something’s been fucked up, either bypass or loader detected. Or all three with the DLL. (I only used Osiris)

  64. 5177

    vac by pass don’t working, i get banned

  65. 128789

    virus total flagged everything lol

  66. 116209

    does it bypass trusted mode?

  67. 108668

    i need support to get the license key and discord invite is invalid please help

  68. 94336

    how to get licsent key?

  69. 85476

    Please add auto headshot confing file antiban

  70. 82182

    whenever i use otc3 or otc2 and other rage cheats i get VAC Disconnected pls help ME

  71. 84658

    Hope this gonna work!

  72. 12930

    It says access is denied I am so confused.

  73. 31460

    How locate steam in madloader?

  74. 32956

    Hey Byminx, I loved the loader but I want to try the “YeahNot” hack. Thanks for giving the best loader for free

  75. 65265

    cool all working except the Osiris not working but all the cheat its working

    • 65265

      plus some cheat that uses before using the injector its not working but in this mod loader is working, best loader ever 😀 (oh yeah pls don’t always use cheat because it’s unfair i use this cheat on csgo crack version that has full skin lol I’m bored so I’m looking for cheat i found this one)

  76. 45854

    VAC BY PASS don’t working. Please fix

  77. 38882

    guys don’t use it i been banned twice using this cheat only using aimbot without making it obs

  78. 55686

    best loader ever thanks

  79. 24211

    idk why people are complaining about the vac bypass. I reinstalled it once and now it works fine , prob the best loader ive ever used

  80. 33358

    Hello, it seems like the new vac bypass in the loader doesnt work, i got disconnected 3 times from a deathmatch with You cant play on VAC servers, verify ur game files. pls fix that

  81. 1517

    Please join our discord server: https://discord.gg/me

  82. 23936

    worse loader when I activate the bypassed vap and I run a part its put me that the vap could not be in my game and it made me quit a part I reinstall my game, change my account and even without cheat I couldn’t start a game it’s like an ip ban

  83. 40653

    Download stops at 16MB everytime

  84. 19150


  85. 19888

    best free loaderrrrrrrrr

  86. 31197

    When im using the loader, on osiris, i cant click on Play after i load the menu. Anything i can do about it?

  87. 13933

    I cant launch the installed exe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 13933

    I cant launch the installed exe

  89. 24211

    i love how in order to get the license key i have to use ads, yet the “add extension” is an error 404 thus making it physically impossible

  90. 15420

    heard be my Friends that otcv3 is detected and my friends gettig vac is that right ?

  91. 15420

    i heard be my Friends that otcv3 is detected and my friends gettig vac is that right ?

  92. 26986
    What is the license key? I choose to obtain a license but it won't let me
  93. 26546

    where is updated key

  94. 26582

    i can’t install the madloader, the problem started today

  95. 25934

    Ben lambdahook.eu config nasıl alirim

  96. 18678

    otv3 very buggy, randomly stops game entirely

  97. 24515

    when i enter linkvertise and i watch the video it directs me on a blank site

  98. 24259

    what license ?

    it asks me for a license

    • 19244

      Getting a license is free. Click on “Get License” and it will open a tab in your browser. Complete the steps and you will be redirected to the licence key.

  99. 17595

    its so cool thank you!

  100. 18678

    otc v2 crashing when toggling thirdperson, doubletap, and hideshots

  101. 19888

    net frame work error but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  102. 19888

    now is work? no crash?

  103. 18678

    why do u have to fake the loading lol xp

    • 750

      Wdym? It only check if there is an new Update available and if the License Key is already available. There are some more code, but this are all if-Queries. That the Loading Screen is smoother, it download also some byte code. However, I have regulated this in the code so that it all works well.

  104. 10862

    not working 🙁

  105. 19572

    So do I have to redownload the cheat to get the update or does it auto update?

  106. 20242

    mad loader is back but might crash a bit since there is a lot of people trying to open it :/

  107. 16474

    guys chill join the discord the site is down

  108. 4618

    crashing when i open

  109. 20147

    cant launch just loading and then crashing

  110. 12094

    i cannot launch it it just loads infinite.

  111. 18637

    error unhandled exception of the application , saludos

  112. 15420

    why cann i dont download ? i whont to reinstall and is not working

  113. 13933

    I got a .NET framework error so i delete the files and the installer and now i cant download and the download page is reloading

  114. 20416

    the cheat doesent work in csgo and cant be downloading!

  115. 20426

    Doesnt work download whyyy!!!

  116. 14151

    una pregunta el chit sirve para windows 7?

  117. 15752

    I have installed the new version of 19.05.2021 and still at changelogs says current version: 16.05.2021

  118. 3825

    license key ?

  119. 18288

    how to update? my version says its 16.05.2021

  120. 1

    UPDATED : 19.05.2021

  121. 9137

    csgo.exe – Bad Image
    C:\madloader\Service.Mircrosoft.dll is either not designed to run on windows ot it contains an error…..
    error status 0xc0000020.
    What can I do here?

  122. 18445

    Hi guys! I have the same problem that the guy behind me!

    csgo.exe – Bad Image
    C:\madloader\Service.Mircrosoft.dll is either not designed to run on windows ot it contains an error…..
    error status 0xc0000020.

  123. 18492

    any one help me i got probleme
    csgo.exe – Bad Image

    C:\madloader\Service.Mircrosoft.dll is either not designed to run on windows ot it contains an error…..
    error status 0xc0000020.

  124. 13613

    i can not download 3.0 version

  125. 18492

    guys help me pls i got this error
    Unhadled exception has occurred in your application…..
    The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

  126. 5362

    something is fucked up when you download it.

  127. 16699

    this loader is the best

  128. 17198

    license key??

  129. 6882

    Recommending this loader for newbies out there!

  130. 14387

    bonjour il me manque tout les .dll

  131. 1

    Hello Guys This Nice Hack !

  132. 1

    Try to verify your game’s file integrity

  133. 13844

    Please fixxxxx

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