MadSpoofer – Best Free Valorant HWID Spoofer


 Version: 1.0

 Developers: Vuki#2487

MadSpoofer – Best Free Valorant HWID Spoofer

Hello dear cheatermad members, I'm very happy to announce that MadSpoofer – the free HWID Spoofer for Valorant developed and coded just for you – is finally out from developement and is ready to use!

This is a HWID spoofer specifically made for Valorant players that have been perma HWID banned. I was personally banned in Valorant and I used this spoofer to change my HWID and I can guarantee you that it works flawlessly. I can now play Valorant with my friends again and use hacks again. And if you get banned again after spoofing, it doesn't matter because you can spoof your HWID all over again and continue using cheats.

Why Should You Choose MadSpoofer?

We all know that Valorant [Riot Games] possibly has the best anti-cheat system out there, which is called Vanguard. It is very secure and hard to penetrate. Even regular HWID spoofers can't bypass Riot's anti-cheat. That's why it is very hard to find a working HWID spoofer that actually works and unbans you from Valorant. And as you probably know, almost all of them cost money, usually a high amount. But we – as the owners of Cheatermad – don't like to pay for cheats and hacks either, that's why we had a free spoofer developed just for you. It is completely virus free and safe to use. But make sure you carefully follow the instructions written down below, so that you don't run any problems with your PC.

What is MadSpoofer?

Like I mentioned above, MadSpoofer is a great, free-to-use HWID spoofer made just for our you dear Cheatermad members! It is mainly developed for Valorant but it should also work for other online games that do HWID bans like Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Fortnite and many others. This spoofer is completely safe to use and it does not harm your device. Make sure that you only download the spoofer on this website: as the latest updates to the spoofer will be uploaded here as soon as they are out. We also advise you not to download the spoofer from strange websites as they might try to trick you into downloading malicious files (But you can always trust our partner websites.)

How to Install and Use MadSpoofer?
  1. Download MadSpoofer by clicking on the red download button at the bottom of this post

  2. Extract the files, make sure all of them are in the same folder!

  3. Open MadSpoofer.exe with Administrator privileges

  4. Click the "Spoof" button

  5. Right a text will appear on the site (There you can read your new data: Username, PC-Build, etc.)

  6. Format your computer (all Vanguard / Valorant / Riot Games remove files)

  7. Reinstall Windows

  8. Download MadSpoofer and press "Spoof "again

  9. Flash your BIOS (Up-or downgrade your BIOS Version)
    7.1 To Flash your Bios you will need the motherboard name.
    7.2. To get this data, open a cmd and type the following command: " wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer "
    7.2.1. You can also use  CPU-Z to get motherboard name
    7.3. Do a Google search on how to update your BIOS for your motherboard (For help, message me on Discord: Vuki#2487)
    7.3.1. The process is different for each Motherboard Brand!
    7.4. After Flashing your Bios, you can reinstall Valorant
    7.4.1. Make sure you log in with a non-banned account!

If you have any issues, installing or using the spoofer, you can always ask for help on our Discord server.

Note: It will not work with such motherboards like 'Alienware'.


Only logged in users can download cheat.


  1. why the hell i am banned from discord? i was in ticket talking with vuki but in few mins i got banned @!            RΛVΛN ©#0001 unbanned me if possible cause i literally did nothing lmao

    1. If you use it by following the Status section on our website, you will already see if it is up to date. If you want to support, donate to the developer. Join our Discord server.

  2. btw before flash your bios you should have ups ready to avoid blackout and to not brick your mobo. edit: coz in my country(Phillippines) especially in my town always blackout not so always so I have UPS ready to avoid brick my mobo.hehe (sorry for my english bcoz im peenoise)😊👍

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