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Moonlight Uno – Free Legit CS:GO Cheat 2021

UNDETECTED Moonlight Uno - Free Legit CS:GO Cheat 2021

 Last Version: 17/10/2021

 Developers: xey#3247

Moonlight Uno – Free Legit CS:GO Cheat 2021

Moonlight Uno is a kind of known Legit Cheat for CSGO that is a half pasted cheat which is actually paid, but here, you can download it for FREE

You might have heard from this hack before. It is pretty much half decent legit cheat with a few rage features that is actually still being sold as a paid cheat which is pretty hilarious considering the fact that this is an obvious copy pasta of Osiris (Which is a quite good open source CS:GO cheat by the way. 10/10, would definitely recommend.).

Moonlight Uno Features

Well, what does this cheat offer? Here is an overview of the features this piece of software brings to you:

  • Legit Tab
    • For all the legit features like Aimbot, Backtrack, Legit Anti-aim (AA), RCS, etc.
  • Trigger Tab
    • Pretty much only Triggerbot, nothing that fancy
  • ESP Tab
    • All of your ESP features for Allies, Enemies, Projectiles, Weapons and a little preview windows for Player ESP
  • Chams Tab
    • Good ol' chams models for players and weapon with a good amount of customization like blinking and stuff
  • Skin Changer
    • Change your weapon and knife skins for some action for your eyes (unfortunately not for others)
  • Misc
    • Bunnyhop, Auto Strafe and other movement features
  • Config
    • Save, load and create configs
  • Rage
    • Not gonna lie, rage is pretty bad, wouldn't recommend don't even touch that

How to Use Moonlight Uno

The installation process is same as any other dll based csgo cheat:

  1. Download Moonlight Uno
  2. Extract the dll file from the archive
  3. Get yourself an injector or a cheat loader from our website
  4. Start CS:GO
  5. Run the injector
  6. Inject the dll into CS:GO
  7. Press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu
  8. And enjoy!

Winrar Password: 123

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