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NitroInjector v10.5 | EasyXploits WORKING

UNDETECTED NitroInjector

 Last Version: 21/11/2021

 Developers: NITRO & AdiSploits

NitroInjector v10.5

Nitro Injector V10.4 is a powerful free exploit that offers you a FULL LUA Premium Executor and a cool UI. This exploit can execute 80+ scripts without crashing or lagging your game. It has 3 versions, AnemoAPI, EasyXploitsAPI, RobloxHacks API. From now you will be able to download previous versions. Now you can download Nitro Injector V10.2 but also V10.3!

  • Auto-Updater Fixed

  • More Functions

  • New UI

  • New Logo

  • New Injection

  • Script Hub Added

  • Contact Us Form Added


  • Now it shows you when the exploit was updated

  • New Loading Screen

  • Settings Added

  • Removed Light Theme

  • Save File Function Added (To save your scripts)

  • New Cursors

  • More fun than before.

3 Versions: AnemoAPI, EasyXploitsAPI, RobloxHacksAPI.

Exploit Developed by NITRO & AdiSploits. Enjoy using NitroInjector! 🙂

When NitroInjector is:

Undetected | 7% chances to get banned!

Detected | 13% chances to get banned!

Developer Discord : https://discord.gg/sKMkcUxYjn

Web site Discord : https://dsg.gg/me

Winrar Password: 123

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Comments (16)

Popular Comments
  1. 32623

    havin g problem with token and username

  1. 32623

    havin g problem with token and username

  2. 28963

    it got patched yesterday

  3. 61866

    It used to work before, now it doesn’t. Please update.

  4. 97945

    so uhh how do I inject it, it says that I have my antivirus on but I don’t

  5. 86626

    How do you get the key????

  6. 90086

    I liked it too good rly fas injection and execute owl hub i liked!

  7. 4400

    Sadly NitroInjector V10.3 Anemo got patched. Don’t worry i got you bro. Here is the EasyXploits version 🙂

  8. 17830

    nice injector

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