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PR6 – Rainbow Six Recoil Assistent (Project Recoil 6)

DETECTED PR6 - Rainbow Six Recoil Assistent (Project Recoil 6)

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: .xml#0001

Project Recoil 6 (Rainbow Six Recoil Assistent)

Features of Rainbow Six Recoil Assistent:

3 Different Recoilhelper Modes (Light,Medium,Hard)
Automatic Update Notification
(If a Update will Released the Programm will check the Version on per Pastebin and you will get at open the Programm a Notification)
Comming Updates…

HOW TO USE Rainbow Six Recoil Assistent:

1. Download Rainbow Six Siege Cheat the Zip
2. Extract the .exe
3. Open Rainbow Six Siege
4. Start the PR6.exe as Administrator

Why Currently only 3 Modes

In my Opinion the Modes are save rightnow,

I just dont want that people if it will be customizable they put the settings on maximum and get banned and then

say to the end “THIS IS SHIT ITS DETECTED” if you know what i mean. But yeah have fun

Developer Discord Server


.NET Framework 4.8

You can Help to make it better:

Just write in the Comments what you want as Feature or something like that.

v1.0 gets autobanned. V1.0 Support stopped

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Comments (4)

  1. 114247

    Support for the V1.0 Stopped & it gets already autobanned.

    Support: https://discord.gg/tphsxnajZd

  2. 188092

    is this interfere????? plz someone tell me

  3. 187618

    Good, but after a few minutes of gameplay, it closes

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