Rainbow Six Siege Cheat 2021 Free Download


 Version: 1.2

 Developers: Cedy#8888

Cheat updated on 18.6.2021

Features of Rainbow Six Siege Cheat 2021 Free Download:

  • -Yellow Distance TAG
  • -Box ESP
  • -Aimbot
  • -Swastika Crosshair
  • -Streamproof 
  • -noclip (you can troll hard with it) 🙂

HOW TO USE of Rainbow Six Siege Cheat 2021 Free Download:

1. Start the cheat select option 2
2. Start the game (make sure youre in borderless)
3. Change Settings via the CMD

Problem fixes:
Put the procces of the cheat to realtime (so the overlay (ESP) is faster and your esp is more clean!)

Option 1:  Offline mode, play without battleye, works in all thunts and even in online Custom Games.

Option 2:  Online mode, loads a driver which is detected on Battleye but it allows you to play Online Matchmaking with the Cheat but will get you banned after around 2 days.

else if you have any questions or need help feel free to ask. : Add me Discord  Cedy#8888

Join Discord Server : https://discord.gg/M6V3mjqG

removed | Offline mode (added 1 working mode that works for borth)

fixed | ESP is now corner ESP and distance

fixed | click multiple keys (exept noclip sorry im bad dev)

added | aimbot instand lock to head 

added | Swastika crosshair


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