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Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Scripts Cheat

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 12/02/2021

 Developers: GamesofFreak

Hello Cheatermad members, we are happy to introduce you to the latest Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Scripts Cheat. 

-For Controls press Page Up. And don’t change the names of these .ahk files and don’t remove anythink from the folder because all folders and files inside R6S-Ultimate Scripts are important. These .bak files are from the software SciTE4AutoHotkey.
-This Script is fully functional in fullscreen, that means you don’t need to play in windowed mode. And you can edit the script to change the hotkeys to make it work in R6S. I used the default controls of R6S.


  • No Recoil
  • Better Sprint
  • Crouch Spam
  • Ez Melee
  • Rapidfire(doesn’t work with Weapons where you need spam(not hold) LeftMouse, if No Recoil is active)
  • Fast Peek
  • Controls list(pop up at start, press PageUp to open Controls list again)
  • play sound at activating and deactivating scripts
  • toggle Hotkeys

How to use Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Scripts Cheat. 

  1. Double click R6S-Ultimate Scripts.ahk
  2. On start up Ahkhider will be run to hide autohotkey
  3. Press ok to all Messageboxes they pop up
  4. Press insert to enable these scripts, press insert again to disable all scripts again
  5. Press F1-F6 to activate specific scripts, after you pressed insert to enable scripts.
  6. Have Fun!

Requires Autohotkey to use! Question : how to use it with ahk ? Reply :  Download Autohotkey, after downloading double click R6S-Ultimate Scripts.ahk

 WARNING: Disable or make an exception for your antivirus, as Ahkhider will be detected as a false positive virus!


Winrar Password: 123

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