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Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu

UNDETECTED Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Acherons

Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu , has enjoyed a dedicated group of fans ever since its release. Thanks to its replayability and various customization options, it is hard to get enough of the game. While the game is great as it is, you can further tweak out and fine tune your experience to your liking using command console and cheat codes. You can add features that you wish the game had and disable the ones you think hinder the game experience. whether you want to increase the size of your aim or enable the corpse disposal mode, the options are endless. Heck there is even a cheat that allows you to apply all of the cheats at once.

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Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu Features:
  • Unlock All
  • Change Character
  • Spawn Mobs and Interactables
  • God Mode (multiple types)
  • Flight
  • Play as mobs/unreleased characters
  • Stats Modification/View
  • No ability cooldowns
  • No equipment cooldown
  • See chests and teleporter through walls
  • Give XP
  • Give Money
  • Give Lunar Coins
  • Give or Drop yourself items and equipment
  • Give/Remove buffs
  • Always Sprint
  • Clear items in inventory
  • Stack inventory (does the same thing as the Shrine of Order)
  • See mobs through walls
  • Teleporter Management – Spawn teleporters(newt, celestine, gold), add Mountain Shrine stack, skip stage, insta charge tp
  • Instantly Charge Purple Cells
  • Customizable settings
  • Custom Keybinds


How to use:

Using Umbra Injector(Recommended)
1. Download the latest version of Umbra Injector(links are at the bottom).
2. Extract the zip
3. Run Umbrainjector.exe as administrator and press inject while Risk of Rain 2 is running.

To update to a new version of Umbra Menu while still using the injector, download the latest version of the menu and extract the zip file. Then, replace the old .dll in the Data/UmbraMenu/ with the new one that you just downloaded. The Data folder should be located where you extracted the injector and should be located in the same directory as Umbrainjector.exe.

Manual version with sharp mono injector:
Download the ZIP
Extract the zip
Use your favorite mono injector to inject the dll while the game is running (Recommend sharp mono injector)

Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu

Developer Note :

  • Works w/ Anniversary Update
  • Make sure Umbrainjector.exe and the Data folder stay in the same director. Don’t change anything in the Data folder except for the menu .dll in UmbraMenu
  • Use the CLI version of sharp mono injector. The GUI version doesn’t work correctly
  • Complete update fixing everything Anniversary Update Broke.
  • Fix Unlock All so that profile becomes 100% complete
  • Add unreleased items and equipment to lists.
  • Add boss items to item lists.
  • Fix Buff Removal not working
  • Fix typo in spawn menu
  • Fix watermark positioning
  • Dev Mode improvements
  • Update Buff List variable name (was bossList).
  • Remove obsolete internal resource and function relating to that resource
  • Risk Of Rain 2 Cheat Umbra Menu

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