Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Hack 2021


 Version: 1.2.1

 Developers: Craftexperts

Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Hack is an internal hack for Sea of Thieves to change the value of your point of view. It is versy easy to use and control and you can use this in your advantage as a higher FOV will let you see wider and more in game.

How to install the Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Hack
  1. Download the .rar archive containing the .dll file of the fov changer
  2. Extract the .dll in any folder you want (archive password:
  3. Start Sea of Thieves
  4. Inject the .dll using an injector of your choice
  5. Enjoy :))
  • Numbad + (plus) -> Increase FOV
  • Numbad – (minus) -> Decrease FOV
Developer Note

Step one: Inject whenever you want.
Step two: use the +/- keys to change your fov in increments of +/-5
Step three: profit????
The dll isn't really obfuscated much. so manualmap/vmp it to avoid getting sigged.
They're not sigging shit tho lmao smile have fun

" I tell people to LearnC++ but I don't even Know it " – Every Cheater Ever.


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