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SkyCheat – Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack – Source Code

SOURCE SkyCheat - Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: 3nv0y

SkyCheat is a completely external (no injection) color detection based Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack that is completely free to use and undetected You can at all times upgrade to VIP in MadloaderUI in order to gain access to new/additional features. In the meanwhile you can always change values using sliders or buttons included in Free version.

Want to outshoot your rivals in Valorant and show off to your friends? Our Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack will give you the edge you need, giving you that satisfying headshot every time. No worries about anticheats as this is a completely external color detection based Valorant Color Aimbot, meaning we have a cheat that you won’t find anywhere else and 0% risk of getting caught (obviously apart from manual reports).

skycheat - free valorant color aimbot hack

SkyCheat is a standalone tool that does not need any external resources such as DLL or Client to work. This is an easy to use application, even for beginners and allows you to disable and enable the Aimbot from the mouse pointer at any time and it can be setup to work with the Triggerbot automatically. SkyCheat has the ability to bypass any Anti-Cheat in its current state as the Vanguard anti-cheat itself cannot detect it thanks to it’s external architecture. This can easily regain your valorant experience by allowing you to use aimbot with customized settings, and anything else you would like to change directly from the cheat’s menu itself, which looks great by the way.

Why is SkyCheat so Rare | Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack

I am completely sure that this is not the first time that you have encountered a Free Valorant Cheat or Free Valorant Hack, or even an external hack like this one. But are you still using it? Of course not, because what every single Valorant hack is common is that they do not last, they do not keep working forever, they do not stay undetected. And why is that? Because eventually that cheat becomes outdated, the developer does not keep updating it since there is possible no reason for them to update it since it’s free.


And that is exactly why a cheat or a hack like this SkyCheat is so damn rare to find in the Free Valorant Cheats and Hacks scene. As SkyCheats is completely free, it will always and stay that way. As long as Valorant is still a thing, you can keep using this cheat on your device and not even wait for the cheat to update for the latest patch of Valorant as the cheat is completely external and only depends on detection pixel colors on your screen.

How to Use Sky Cheat | Free Valorant Color Aimbot Hack

Using the hack itself is fairly simple as it is just an executable based cheat does not require some injector for it to be injected into the game. To use the cheat there are some prerequisites but they are super easy to turn on / off and after that what is left is simply just running the cheat. Follow these steps that we have prepared for you and you should be good to go:

First of all make sure that;

  • Disable secure boot
  • Enable Hyper-V (Unfortunately not available in Windows 10 Home)
  • Disable virtualization

if you are encountering any issues with the cheat.

  1. First of all, click on the good ol’ download button and go on the download page
  2. Once the archive that the cheat is in has been downloaded, open the folder where it is
  3. Extract the archive’s contents using an archive extractor such as WINRAR or 7zip
  4. Launch Valorant if you haven’t already
  5. Open the folder where you have extracted the cheat and run it as administrator
  6. Enjoy and have fun climbing to radiant!

Error solutions for SkyCheats:

  • Aimbot will not work for windows 11 computers.
  • You Will Have Problems With Laptop Computers!
  • If cheat is not working properly, go to this C:\Users\spoof\AppData\Roaming\ and delete dnspy.
  • 1x errors mean sky.exe may be running in the background. close sky.exe from task manager and try again

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Comments (153)

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  1. 185859

    very nice cheat not banned afther 20 maches

  1. 204155

    Link download file x1.dll not working

  2. 196768

    How to compile pls

  3. 185182

    7/6/2022, This cheat still works, if you have a weird chinese error just keep on opening. If it still happens, install Logitech GHub.

  4. 189307

    Could someone help me on how to compile scripts and run the cheat

  5. 188382

    123 doesnt work

  6. 188099

    what would this error be -What you can’t solve so far, I’ve done everything right and nothing

  7. 187821

    good cheat works for me 19.6.2022

  8. 187078

    Best free valo aimbot I can teach you how to compile the cheat add my disc-OkSpeedy#0001

  9. 186997

    i ran the main_form in visual studio and my laptop shutdown and now the wallpaper is different

  10. 186680

    “error – L” what is this guys? how to fix guys

  11. 186846

    new version 🙂

  12. 186815

    still working undetected????? \

  13. 186808

    What files do i compile

  14. 186767

    Do I need to update the offsets for this to work? or can I just compile and run

  15. 186767

    Do I need to update the offsets for this to work? or can I just use it as is

  16. 186721

    What do I launch to use the cheats

  17. 186719

    How to run this I’m new

  18. 128195

    how can i compile the files?

  19. 186619

    Helo Which App we have to run I cant Find Everything is done. I extracted Everything There are so many files but cant find the app to run. Im Windows. 11 Im ok with no aimbot i just want esp nothin else and pls make a Discord It will be better for us to communicate. Thank you.

    • 186659

      WOW how can someone be that dumb so first off it´s a source code so there is not an exe for direct use you have to compile it first on your own also this is an fucking colorbot there is no such a thing like an esp and also there is a fucking discord so plese delete your account it´s the dumbest comment i´ve ever seen

  20. 184494

    Been using this for days until labeled as ‘detected‘ in the madloader app, and my main is still fine (yes, I like to live dangerously). I’ve only been using triggerbot and nothing else, and always being mindful if someone is watching. I’m very confident that I received zero report, and those that got banned may have been too aggressive with the hack, and got reported even by teammates. Anyway, what happens now that madloader shows that SkyCheat is ‘detected’? Would be nice to have just the triggerbot. Thanks btw devs :))

  21. 186451

    Still undetectable? fow now

  22. 63585

    Got banned lol

  23. 155044

    not working for me

  24. 37632

    me Windows 11 user sad 🙁 but cant go back to 10 coz I already love this OS and more secure than 10..😉👍

  25. 186149

    erro x1 em chines alguma solucao ………….

  26. 36433

    Hi, I have problem. When i Bind A1mBot on ALT it start auto firing wirh no sense. Anyone solution please?

  27. 40593

    nice, working good for me, play like 10 match+ still safe, will there ever be additional features? like esp.

  28. 40379

    RIP to me on 11

  29. 186149

    nao abre mais pra mim , oque aconteceu sera,,,,,,,,

  30. 186140

    This is a scam, it downloads a crypto miner on your computer, do not download and staff should take this down

  31. 172428

    its good so many match still not banned the recoil control is good to but with reyna ult it cant keep up

  32. 61380

    i need good legit config please give me legit config

  33. 186114

    i got error which it said some random chinese letters

  34. 186051

    Can anybody tell me legit control for it and how to use no recoil if its still undectectable?

  35. 186089

    Hey bro work in win 10 basic?

  36. 124509

    I honestly can’t tell if its working or not

  37. 126429

    bruh why error, x1 “chinese….language” then error – I

  38. 104713

    Don’t use it. Ransomware is installed, so the files change. Why did you upload this?

    • 68189

      What are you talking about? Ransomware? This cheat is completely safe you probably installed something malicious from the ads that pop-up. The only download location for our cheats should be updown.ninja

  39. 186054

    don’t download, got banned in one match

  40. 186042

    doesnt work
    did everything said in description
    gives me some chinese pop up and a error message

  41. 186047

    it’s error, x1 “chinese….language” then error – I

  42. 186044

    How do I get the Modloader UI?

  43. 186042

    any free spoofer guys??
    thanks for the free cheat tho ^^

  44. 186009

    hey can you help me i install the valo hack but when i try to start it nothing happens it only starts only the website cheatermad

  45. 186026

    why the aimbot not working?

  46. 143847

    the triggerbot is good but aimbot not working

  47. 148809

    i have to activade secureboot bc anti cheat of valorant and i have to disable for the cheat

  48. 186028

    When I open it Aims to sky I dont get it why

  49. 185998

    when I open it just opens the site and nothing else happens

  50. 186020

    hello does this really work?

  51. 186018

    is there any free spoofers?

  52. 186018

    are there any free working spoofers?

  53. 104453

    3nv0y can u add me in discord plz ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼#7497

  54. 150382

    any config legit my dc Bley#1204

  55. 186009

    why shouldn’t it work with windows 10 home

  56. 185687

    I can’t even download it, im pasting the ad link into it but it keeps saying invalid url ._.

  57. 186005

    When it is downloading it comes out: Error, no file found. Is the file still available? I already tried several browsers and nothing

  58. 185629

    i hope i dont get banned im only using 30 fov so it looks like legit and i hope its not detected after the patch

  59. 186001

    Its not aiming on head 🙁 can u help me on dc? Manz,#9931

  60. 185361

    Its not aiming on head 🙁 can u help me on dc? OTEI#6422

  61. 24839

    after following the 3 steps i run it as admin and it doesnt open?

  62. 185997

    error titled x1 then a bunch of asian writing then after i get an error that says error-l

  63. 185361

    Hi 3nv0y u just made nice cheat i havent tried yet…
    Does it have esp?

  64. 185859

    very nice cheat not banned afther 20 maches

  65. 185926

    eh it says error

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