Valorant and CSGO Bhop Free Download

valorant and csgo bhop free download

 Version: current version

 Developers: KnownCoco

Valorant and CSGO Bhop Free Download

only ,Works in the following game : CS:GO, Valorant
Need to jump like Rabbit? this Sharing is for you. just jump fast and become faster than your opponents.

This one is based off from Razer Syanpse, and I’m not sure if it will work on non-Razer mouse, since I’m using the Razer Synapse with Razer Mouse

How to use Valorant and CSGO Bhop Free Download ( Really Easy )
1. Download Razer Synapse
2. After installation, go to the “Synapse” Tab and there should be a “Module” button, go there and install Macro
3. After installation, go back to the Synapse, click on “Macro”, and there should be a button to import your file to Macro
4. After importing the setting, Go to “Mouse”, “Customize”, and click on the any function on the mouse, and you could click on “Macro” and change it to the macro that you imported.

Hope this help yall 🙂

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