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 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Medusa


The speed is not as fast as possible to ensure the quality, you can raise the problems encountered in the
 process of use.
Please run the injection as a lobby administrator, if the lobby does not display the menu, please restart the game and then operate It is recommended to disable DEP (Data Execution Protection) and restart the computer to use
Box fluoroscopy/skeletal fluoroscopy/unit data fluoroscopy/self-sight. Bullet tracking is temporarily disabled . The arrow keys control the scope of self-sight, and the Delete key switches to English
Box esp F1
Bone esp F2
Player esp F3
Aimbot F5,  magic bullet will open in futrue, ← → control aimbot fov,
Press Delete/Del change to English

NOTE: After using the old version, restart the computer every time before using the new version VALORANT HACK
NOTE: after run old ver, please restart the computer before you’ll use the new version

NOTE: If there is only a circle , Does not affect the use, just remember the function hotkey.

If you mind this problem, restart the game and restart Medusa a few more times.VALORANT HACK

NOTE: If there is no menu displayed and there is only one circle, you can also use its function, just remember the function hotkey. If you mind this problem, please restart the game and reload cheat again and again

If you encounter problems when opening, try the following methods (run Medusa as an administrator)

If there were any problems, try it out:(Run cheat as an administrator)
0. Disable DEP 0. Disable dep
1. Turn off Hyper-V
1. Close the Hyper-V
2. Close kernel isolation
2. Turn off kernel isolation
3. Disable secure boot in BIOS
3. Close the security start in BIOS
4. Reinstall the system, recommend WIN10 64 bit 1803
4. Reinstall your system,WIN10 x64 1803 is recommended

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