Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack 2021


 Version: 03/08/2021

 Developers: Immortal , МАДОННА#1231

Hello all, you can download this Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack 2021 for free from our website It is a unique trigget bot / aim assist cheat currently UNDETECTED by Valorant.. Please check the Status of this valorant hack daily on our website, if it is detected, rest assured that we will update this Best valorant cheat , Valorant trigger hack as DETECTED. With this hack, it will be easier for you to aim at your opponents and a great gaming experience awaits you. If you have a Hwid ban, we recommend you to use MadSpoofer, which we have developed for you. If you need any support, don’t forget tojoin our discord server.

What is Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack?

Aim aid, visual or other? The trigger robot is an attack that shoots for you while your sight is on the enemy. that is, when you see your opponent in valorant, when your reticle comes over the opponent, it completes the fire function for you and this allows you to kill your opponent more easily.It’s a very cool valorant cheat because with triggerbot you can shoot enemies quickly, it’s like a simple aimbot, you can basically use it with snipers and pistols


How it Works Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack :

Pixel triggerbot is a simple cheat that is really popular in Valorant. It shoots only when detects enemy’s color.
In Immortal Pixelbot you need to press “Mouse 4” button on your mouse to activate triggetbot.
You also can setup shoot delay and triggetbot radius to make it looks more legit.

How to Use Valorant Pixel Triggerbot Hack :

1. Download and unarchive the with 7z/WinRAR
2. Place the EXE file in any place you want
3. Disable Windows Defender and anti-viruses (The exe file can trigger false-positive so the cheat will be deleting every time)
4. Run the triggetbot.exe
5. Setup the cheat (Shoot delay, Radius, etc.)
6. Run the game
7. Enjoy!

Features :

  • TriggerBot – automatic firing when targeting an enemy, adjusting the color, radius and shots. To view the radius around the cursor, you must turn on the windowed game mode.
  • BunnyHop – adjustable automatic bunny jump .
  • AutoStop -auto-stop while shooting improves the accuracy of shots.
  • Automatic Gun and enjoy.

Developer Note :

  1. Here, as with a normal trigger, training and getting started first.
  2. If you’re worried that it’s not working, watch the Video.
  3. Add me on discord if you need help. (МАДОННА#1231) Please write in russian xD.
  4. Question : Why is it not working?
  5. Answer : It seems it only works on the latest version of Windows 10, if it doesn’t work, update it.
  6. Do not use without a spoofer, you will be banned after 1-2 weeks.
  7. For Spoofer, you can check out MadSpoofer.
  8. Link :




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