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Valorant Trigger bot Hack Advanced Version – VoVRant

USE AT OWN RISK Valorant Trigger bot Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: MrFacysus

The public cheat on Valorant Trigger bot Hack, an open source BunnyHop that you can download for free from our website. This is a unique Free Valorant cheat developed using Valorant Trigger bot Hack technology. Thanks to this Valorant cheat, you will have more advantages in the Valorant game.

Well, the method of how it all works is kind of cringe, I’ll admit it, I really don’t need to hear about it.

How to use Valorant is Trigger bot Hack:

  1. Purple enemies
  2. Bind K for alternate shooting
  3. Profit

Previous work for any of you trust issue bois: https://imgur.com/zCxtkgc .RageIndustries Pixel Aimbot for R6S -3 months of undetection.() & For any questions, Ask yourself.

Compile & RUN Source Code: https://github.com/MrFacysus/VoVRant

Video of Valorant Trigger bot Hack:

For those who don’t have time Shooting Method:

  • Shooting Method Code:
  • Screenshot Method Code:

  1. SendKeys.SendWait(“k”);
  2. Screenshot Method

  1. graphics.CopyFromScreen(ScreenWidthHalf (SizeX / 2), ScreenHeightHalf (SizeY / 2), 0, 0, Visual.Size);

Checking if both sides of the screen found purple pixels and if the avg of all pixels is around the center + – 9 pixels

Almost forgot, BAN disclaimer, I didn’t get banned for using this for a few days, you probably will, but I now warn you. YOU SHALL GET BANNED!

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