Valorant TriggerBOT HACK 2021 Free Download


 Version: 2.1

 Developers: Meow0408

Valorant TriggerBOT HACK 2021 free Download ,

It was carefully developed by a Turkish developer. We are with you with a trigger bot cheat that is completely up to date and you will be ahead of your competitors.

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How to Use Valorant TriggerBOT HACK ?

Basically just run the game (warfork, quake live, quake champions or diabotical) in window mode or borderless then run this hack and switch to your game window.
Hack will auto detect your screen resolution. Pressing ESC will detect your game resolution again.
Aimbot aims at MAGENTA by default. Set enemy models color to magenta/purple/violet. Aimkey is SHIFT by default.

How to change settings or aimkey:

Hack autosaves settings to ocvaim.ini. Press INSERT to toggle overlay menu and use arrows to navigate, or open ocvaim.ini with a text editor to edit settings.


Turbomode will downsample everything, super fast, use it if you can but esp will not scale properly.
DXGI mode works better at higher resolutions, off is better for low res. DXGI mode works in fullscreen but overlay does not.
ALT + F1 can toggle aimbot on/off
DRAWTEXT, DRAWLINE or DRAWELLIPSE 1 enables overlay, if all three are set to 0 overlay is not loaded and can not be enabled until you reenable one of these settings in
minapproxsize is set to 10 by default, this will ignore angular and rectangle shapes, set to 0 if you want to scan for health bars in a different game.
If a game requires admin rights to run, only then run this hack as admin too (swbf2).
opencv dilation performance was poor, had to replace it with stars (faster method)
debugwindow affects performance, only use for debugging
you can scan for two colors ColorMin1 & Max1 & ColorMin2 & Max2 ect. see ocvaim.ini

Valorant TriggerBOT HACK 2021 Free Download

How to debug settings, or how to change colors:

Change SHOWDEBUGWINDOW 0 to SHOWDEBUGWINDOW 1, look at your target (or screenshot of your target) and use the tracker slidebar to find the correct HSV colors.
Replace old colors with the new values in ocvaim.ini. You can add two colors, ColorMin and ColorMin2 ect.

The hue values for ColorMin and ColorMax are:
Orange:  0-22
Yellow: 22- 38
Green:  38-75
Blue: 75-130
Violet: 130-160 <—-
Red:  160-179 and 0-10

SaturMin and SaturMax = intensity/purity of color
BrightMin and BrightMax = brightness of color

Tutorial Video: (Please watch carefully.)

Valorant TriggerBOT HACK 2021 Free Download


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