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xnoobx.cc Injector – CSGO Cheat Injector


 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: жnoobж#6228

Hello, dear CheaterMad members. We shared the xnoobx.cc CSGO Cheat Injector prepared by xnoobx.cc for you today. You can go to xnoobx.cc’s discord server below and see how it’s done. It is highly recommended to use this injector with a vac bypass but this injector will give you a secure injection that cant be detected. You may not use it if you want, but this will be bad for you because your cheat could be detected and account can get vac banned.

[xnoobx.cc Free CSGO Cheat Injector]

Easy and safe to use injector for csgo Enjoy your game without risking your account.
This injector can give you a secure injection but most of the cheat are risky to use. That’s why its recommended to use a vac bypass. We recommend you to use our xnoobx.cc vac-bypass

[How to use]

1- Download the injector
2- Run csgo
3- Run xnoobx.cc.exe
4- Select your dll cheat
5- Enjoy your game

You can come to our Discord server and ask what you wonder, find new developers and cheats. Moreover, you can also make configs and custom config requests on our server. Take control of the game! cheatermad.com free cheats for popular games!


Discord: discord.gg/xnoobx.cc
Virus Total: VirusTotal/detections