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AMONG US (Android)

DETECTED featured

 Last Version: 16/01/2021

 Developers: Axey

AMONG US NEW UPDATE!(SUPER CHEAT) Join your crewmates using our popular cheat in a multiplayer round of cooperation and double-crossing! Play on the web or over nearby wifi with 4-10 players as you endeavor to hold your spaceship together and return back to development. However, beware…as there might be an outsider impostor on board! One crewmate has been supplanted by a parasitic shapeshifter. They will probably dispose of the remainder of the team before the boat arrives at home. The Impostor will undermine the boat, sneak through vents, beguile, and outline others to stay mysterious and slaughter off the team. Try this cheat and never lose!

      •  Mod Features:
      • -[Player Menu]-
      • No Kill Cooldown
      • End Vote
      • Torch Distance
      • Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
      •  No Meeting Cooldown
      •  No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
      •  Torch Distance
      •  Close Doors
      •  See Ghost + Chat
      •  Complete Tasks
      • -[Movement Menu]-
      • Speed
      • -[Host Menu]-
      • Always Impostor
      • End Game [Impostors Win]
      • End Game [Crew Wins]
      • Instant Win [Enable Before Starting]
      • Complete Task
      • Random Colours
      • Random Hats
      • Random Skins
      • Random Pets
      • Change Everyone’s Name
      • -[Account Menu]-
      • Unlocked Skins
      • Unlocked Pets
      • Unlocked Hats
      • -[Misc Menu]-
      • No Ads
      • No Leave Penalty

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