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Among Us Item Changer Hack | Cosmetic Unlocker

UNDETECTED Among Us Item Changer Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Glatrix

This an item changer for Among Us. This Among Us Hack lets you change your hat, skin and pet to whatever you want and this tool is completely undetected, meaning that you will not be kicked out of the lobby by the game while you’re using this tool.

This tool has every single item and clothing from the game so that you can use the items that you don’t even own. For example you can get the limited Twitch Pet [Glitch Pet]

among us item changer hack

How to download and use Among Us Item Changer Hack?

  1. Download the Among Us Item Changer Hack file that contains the tool by simply clicking on the download button at the end of this post
  2. Extract the .rar archive in anywhere on your PC
  3. Start Among Us
  4. Start an injector (download one if you don’t have any)
  5. Select the DLL in the injector and inject it
  6. Select the hat, skin or pet that you want to use in the game
  7. Enjoy flexing the limited items on your friends

New Update ChangeLog

Think some people were having issues so I tried to make one that works on many versions. Maybe it works, maybe it does not. idk Inject into process AFTER the main menu has fully loaded. it loops through everything in hatmanager and makes everything free and price 0.

Buying things in store MAY STILL CHARGE YOU. but it does not matter because everything is already unlocked in wardrobe. Enjoy!!

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