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Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack v4.0

OUTDATED Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: Spyrounknown

Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack is a brand-new Cheat for the Xbox console version of the game with Always Impost Hack and many more

If you are already an Among Us cheater or if you have ever used some Among Us Cheats and Hacks, you probably know that there only hacks for the PC version of the game as well as the Android and IOS version of the game. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any for the Xbox version since it’s quite unpopular compared to the versions that I have just listed. But not anymore! This Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack is probably the first and the best hack for Among Us Xbox that has features like No Kill Cooldown, Speed Hack and others.

Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack Features

  • Speed Hack (Others won’t notice if you travel quicker; they’ll just transport you as if you had some latency.) Values greater than 3 may activate the anticheat, which may result in you being kicked out of the room.)
  • Vision Range (Set 5 to see even with the lights off)
  • Kill Cooldown (min=10, if 0 is used, it will only operate after 10 seconds)
  • Kill Distance, 0 equals short, 1 equals medium, and 2 equals long. Higher values have no impact.)
  • Number of Emergy Meetings
  • Short Tasks (from host only)

among us xbox trainer hack

Among Us Xbox Trainer Hack Changelog


  • Adding ChatType (1=freechat, 2=limited. If you set 1 you can write freely, the others not)
  • Adding Names+Roles(3 players for now) (bugged, 50% of games work, if you finish a game and re-enter the lobby and see a duplicate of your name on the name value exit and return)
  • Roles: 0=Crewmate, 1=Impostor, 2=Sciencist, 3=Engineer, 4=guardian angel, 5=Shapeshifter
  • The value of roles and names should only be read, not written


  • Now with a single .exe file.
  • Features:
    • all players info(role, name, dead)
    • KillAll (only host)
    • MaxVision
    • FreeChat

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