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Apex Legends Aim Assist Hack

DETECTED Apex Legends Aim Assist Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Various

Apex Legends Aim Assist is a free cheat for apex legends. This cheat is published for everyone to use. Apex Legends cheats are hard to come by. We also have much more apex legends hack that has aimbot and esp, but it’s a little hard to set up. So for newbies, this apex legends free cheat is good enough. If you want to use the cheat without getting a ban. Please don’t abuse the cheat. Use it only on last circles and make a few kills and use this apex cheat when no one is watching you. Enjoy with this free apex legends aim assist hack.

Note: This hack only works digital threat scope or when you are in bloodhound mode.
Features of Apex Legends Aim Assist Hack:
  • Simple Aimbot Like Aim Assit
  • Easy to Use
  • Undetected
  • External
How to use Apex Legends Aim Assist Hack:
  1. Download the apex legends hack from below
  2. Rename the exe file.
  3. Run the .exe file
  4. Choose Color red and set your own resolution
  5. Settings > gameplay > colorblind mode > set to tritanopia
  6. Remember to use digital threat scope or bloodhound mode.
  7. These settings are my own settings. Every graphic card has diffs settings, so set your own settings for best performance!
  8. Set the game to window mode or borderless and enjoy.

Checklist Aim and set this:

  • Speed: 0.4
  • Fov X: 60
  • Fox Y: 40
Before using any cheat for all games, you should know that cheating in any game is risky. So, you have to use it at your own risk. We recommend using a secondary account to use the cheat. Don’t use your main account. And if you want to get the help you can go to the discord from HERE!

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  1. 64800

    I run this application in an secure envirement, its not working and the performance of the virtuel maschine decrased

  2. 23828

    when he said “change color red” what do i change to red?

  3. 22056

    pro tip you can get this and esp and not get banned

  4. 15294

    do you need to run the game first? or run the cheat first?

  5. 3669

    i dont even know the steps and when i open it i dont get anyting !!

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