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Apex Legends Free Hack – ESP Aimbot – Season 8

OUTDATED Apex Legends Free Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: TheCruz

The new updated cheat for Apex Legends is available for free download from our website. Thank you to the developer TheCruZ for this opportunity.

Want to play and win beautiful rounds? Use this free cheat on Apex Legends Direct EFI Aimbot and GlowESP with which you will be able to accurately shoot at your opponents in the game, and you will also be able to see players through the textures on the map, they will be highlighted in red and thus you will be able to see them through walls or any other structures.

There is a chance to get banned for this cheat, so be careful and use various crawls for Apex Legends. Launching and using this hack is very simple, follow the instructions and you will succeed!

Compatible with: Steam (Origin unknown)

How to use Apex Legends Free Hack :

1. Put the files from “put on usb” onto a usb drive

2. Restart PC open Boot Manager, Select EUFI USB.

3. A menu should display, type fs0: press enter then load memory.efi press enter then exit

4. If memory.efi is not found try fs1: fs2: etc instead of fs0:

5. If successfully loaded and you get blue screen load up windows

6. Open notepad.exe as Admin then drag new.dll onto INJ.exe once it says waiting for apex launch game.

You will see the menu once u load into lobby MAKE SURE ALL THE FOLDERS ARE GROUPED TOGETHER IN A FOLDER OR ELSE THE BUILD WILL NOT WORK. REQUIREMENT TO USE: If anyone get banned please tell us if you was using any other app/script/spoofer and your avg stats (play killing everymatch 25 players with 5k+ dmg = ban)

Fix aim prediction
aim key:F12
Aim Bone:head

v2.1 Changelog (More coming soon & will upload later):

2x Custom aim key selectors added

– Aim at team toggle added

– Vis check toggle added

– Aim switcher toggle will now switch between the custom key 1 and custom key 2 instead of LMB & RMB –

Previously removed spectator options are now back just before you select aim key.  For v2.1 use this as a reference as what to input for the aim keys https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/inputdev/virtual-key-codes Input the 0x01 instead of VK_LBUTTON etc.

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  1. 22148

    doesnt work and i got kicked for trying to start it up mid game a waste of like 2hrs

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