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Apex Legends No Recoil AHK Script (AimAssist & NoRecoil) | mgsweet expansion

UNDETECTED Apex Legends No Recoil

 Last Version: 12/02/2022

 Developers: mgsweet & PetrosPastor

Hello Guys, With this Apex Legends No Recoil Script, your bullets will never scatter, preventing your gun from recoiling. Contains an Autohotkey script to help you minimize weapon recoil. Your weapon is auto-detected by the script (no need to press the F key anymore! XD).

The detection is based on a straightforward and naive strategy (I call it three-pixel-detection). This Apex Legends No Recoil Script which is among the Best Hacks and Cheats for Apex Legends, is pretty safe because all it does is just capture some pixels and then use mouse DllCall to move your mouse. Run the compiled version if you want more protection. Current weapon support of Apex Legends No Recoil Script: R99, R301, Flatline, Spitfire, Havoc, Prowler, Devotion and L-Star and many more

How to Use Apex Legends No Recoil Script:

  1. Download Apex Legends No Recoil Script
  2. Extract the files of Apex Legends No Recoil Script into a folder of your choice
  3. You must have these files otherwise the script won’t work properly. SS: https://ibb.co/x1Ln672
  4. Download and install AHK from their website: https://www.autohotkey.com/
  5. Edit your sens and zoomsens in settings.ini
  6. Run gui.ahk as admin
  7. Set whatever you want.
  8.  Enjoy!

apex legends no recoil

  • Shortcut Keys
  • Features
P: pause/unpause the Apex Legends No Recoil Script (little buggy for now)
O: Enable/Disable voice
End: Close the script
J: Enable Blood Hound ultimate manually (if auto detect messed up)
(mgsweetsens: (Mouse Sensitivity): This should be the same as your in-game mouse Sensitivity

(*GUI added*) enable_voice: A robotic voice line tells you the equipped weapon name and etc. (Mainly for debugging)

(*GUI added*) voice_vol: The volume of voice line

(mgsweetauto_fire: If you check this ,it shoots single fire guns rapidly just by holding left_mouse

(mgsweetads_only: If you use Hold ADS in game DONT check this ,but if you use Toggle ADS check this

(*New feature*) gold_scope_aimassist: Allow aim assist on all the guns which have a gold scope (through aim down sight with gold scope)

(*New feature*) auto_trigger: If it sees the target (through gold scope or bloodhound ultimate) it automatically shoots the gun

(*New feature*) bloodhZ_aimassist: BloodHound ultimate turn enemies red so you have 30 second aim assist after activating his ultimate (Press J for toggling this feature manually if it doesn’t active by pressing Z (Voice line tells you if it activated)

(*New feature*) color_aimassist: A feature that enables auto-aiming on a specific color (range of colors) (in development-just use for test now)

(*New feature*) noADS_aimassist: check this to enable aim assist out of ADS (aim assist without right click(hipfire aimassist))

+gs_humanizer: This will smooth the golden scope aim assist.(bigger number cause faster aim (less smoothing but more shaking))- work best on 1.5

+bhz_humanizer: This will smooth the blood hound ultimate aim assist.(bigger number cause faster aim (less smoothing but more shaking))- work best on 1.5

+aa_humanizer: This will smooth the color aim assist.(bigger number cause faster aim (less smoothing but more shaking))- work best on 1.5

(*New feature*) blind_mode: if you use a blind mode set it here, If you use “off” blind mode aimassist gonna drag your mouse into the damage numbers. So if you use aim assist dont put blind mode on “off” or just hide damage numbers in game setting or you can just play on “Tritanopia”. the other two blind modes turn enemy blue but tritanopia turn enemy red.
+bugfix: (mgsweet original no recoil has a bug that if you play on a blind mode other than “off” the “Supply Guns no recoil feature” stops working. So I fixed this bug in my code and now you can have weapon detection on all blind modes.

(mgsweetresolution: Choose your screen/game resolution here. Remember to set you desktop resolution to the resolution of the game and put resolution scale on 100%

(mgsweetuuid_generator: Execute this at it will generate and replace a unique UI id for you. (do it once)

Preview: https://youtu.be/7Fx496vRMxM

Developer Notes

known bugs:
#1 Apex Legends No Recoil Script doesn’t recognize weapon switching after (Weapon Auto_Cycle on empty in game) (I mean if you enable Weapon Auto_Cycle on empty and you empty the gun then the game will switch the gun itself and the no-recoil script doesn’t recognize that the switching happened) (Added a code to fix this but this is buggy for now)

#2 If you equip throwables by double clicking on them in backpack Apex Legends No Recoil Script doesn’t recognize switching from gun to throwable and (if you have auto_fire on) the throwable will automatically throw itself by clicking left mouse button (U cant hold it)

New bugfix : Added a code to check for equipped gun after pressing tab because you may changed the weapon slots or their attachments in backpack

Resolution reminder: You need to fix pixel coordination for these resolutions yourself
1600×900 / 2560×1440 / 3840×2160
+Fix gs(golden scope pixels)-BloodhoundTopLeft/DownRight ultimate icon pixels-Sniper golden scope pixels –
+Pick a white 0xFFFFFF pixel and replace its x,y coordination with pixels in the file
+bug: 1600×900 golden scope icons may not have a white 0xFFFFFF pixel – I’ll fix it later

**Caution: As the golden scope and blood hound ultimate aim assist is new there is no guarantee about this features to be safe so just use it with your own responsibility and caution and use humanizer settings on low**

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    @mgsweet can you do a 1280×1024 reso

  1. 172545

    Does anyone have a cheap paid apex hack?

  2. 184961

    i cant extract it.. makes me enter password

  3. 184961

    Hey do i need a password for this? bc i cant extract

  4. 68189

    files missing what do I do?

  5. 144626

    R301 recoil broken, it doesn’t control correctly. Please fix.

  6. 175972

    do you have a aim assist script or an aimbot script?

  7. 174597

    op_gold_optics What does it do

  8. 172545

    Is it possible to disable the “E” button? It’s pretty annoying and I’d like to be able to use only “R”, “1” or “2”.
    Thank you very much since I’ve have a problem with my wrist and it helps me a lot 🙂

  9. 150939

    i need

  10. 150939

    1600*900 Default (r301)
    1920*1080 Default (r99)
    plz fix

  11. 147481

    good morning, really the script is very good !!
    but i believe the volt and mac spray need to be upgraded to 1920×1080

  12. 139264

    please help me i need 1440×900 it my screen or 1280×800

  13. 120716

    Nice Script ?? Thanks for sharing it

  14. 68189

    does it support 1440p?

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    1280×720 plsz

  16. 137065

    @mgsweet can you do a 1280×1024 reso

  17. 143388

    1280X720 update ?

  18. 139836

    if i use autofire only i take a ban

  19. 96967

    Make it work in fullscreen

  20. 137065

    there is no debug folder, how are we supposed to create customized resolution if you didn’t include it in the folder?

  21. 56861

    Does this really only work on 1080 in game or PC resolution?

  22. 56751

    there is noting called runnorecoil.exe in the rar file.

  23. 53946

    i can’t find norecoil.exe?

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