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Battlefield 4 HyperHook Hack 2023 | Stealth Internal

OUTDATED featured

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: progboss

Battlefield 4 HyperHook Hack is free cheat for Battefield 4 packed with features like aimbot, ESP and more which you can download on our website.

And since this Battlefield 4 HyperHook hack is internal and not external, it has tons of cheat features that can give you an immense advantage while playing the game. With aimbot you can shoot and defeat your enemies very easily and dominate the lobby. And with ESP you can see other players and information about them through other objects like walls.

How to Install Battlefield 4 HyperHook Hack

The whole project is based on Discord overlay so you have to enable it BEFORE injection.

  1. Download the Battlefield 4 HyperHook Hack by clicking on the download button at the bottom of this post
  2. Extract the cheat
  3. Start Discord and enable Overlay
  4. Start BF4 and wait for Discord popup information
  5. Test if your Discord Overlay is working properly by enabling it with yours key shortcut.
  6. Inject cheat with an injector of your choice
  7. If watermark has appeared in the top left corner – everything is ready, you can play
  8. Enjoy!

battlefield 4 hyperhook hack - stealth internal

Battlefield 4 HyperHook | Features

  • Aimbot
  • ESP
  • Misc

  • AimKey (hardcoded Left ALT)
  • AimLock (hardcoded B)
  • Simple aim smooth
  • Works for infantry and in vehicle
  • TV Missile aimbot (hold ALT)
  • Jet aimbot (read * below)
  • Jet speed controll (~314 when holding SPACE)
  • Triggerbot (for jet)

  • Team
  • Lines
  • Vehicles
  • ‘2D’ or ‘3D’
  • Vehicle indicators
  • Explosives
  • Guided missile (own)
  • Prediction crosshair (with applied angular velocity for vehicles)
  • Prediction data
  • Some more Prediction options…
  • Radar with icons
  • Spectators on the server
  • Vehicle crosshair (own)
  • Some more features like different colors, overheat bar, ammo bar, health, etc…

  • Tooltips (more or less detailed description of every function)
  • Debug output
  • Watermark with current time
  • Custom name (Client only)
  • Save/Load config (saves somewhere in game direction as I remember…)
  • Unload
  • Some screenshot bypasses for PunkBuster & FairFight with live counter (got 3 in total).
  • Whole menu and radar is moveable and could be saved in config.
  • Use INSERT (INS) to toggle menu On/Off (Works in game without having to press ESC)

Developer Note

I’ve been developing this Battlefield 4 HyperHook hack since the beginning of 2020 only to explore how game engines and the physics behind them works in general.

First there were simple ESP and imgui menu. Later on I’ve decided for adding some more aggressive features such as fully automatic autopilot for jet’s with collision detection*. However after reaches 140 lvl (beginning of 2021) I’ve decided to finish this cheat in the state as it is. So far I have no plans to develop it further, so I will leave it where it all began…

Please note: I developed this cheat for personal use, and since I didn’t use the aimbot very much, I didn’t pay much attention to it.



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  1. 19244

    Go in a voice call and see if you can see the overlay

  1. 48990

    My mouse is lagging with the discord overlay

  2. 20261

    how to use the cheat is kinda unclear can u pls give a simple guide

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