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Free Among Us Cheat – Among Us Menu

OUTDATED free among us cheat

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: osomegamer

How to use free among us cheat. This among us cheat contains a lot of features. Moreover, your ban status is very low. So it might make sense to use the among us menu cheat. It would be bad to write here because it has so many features. So you can learn by using the among us cheat 🙂

Free Among Us Cheat

I think this is the best free among us cheat. Lots of features and allows you to play without being banned. So my preference is the among us menu cheat. If this among us cheats is not enough for you, or you are wondering about others among us cheats. You can easily access other among us cheats by clicking here.

But it will take a long time to write the features one by one. If you want to see all the features in the cheat, you can check it out here!

There are main reasons for using cheats in Among us, you cannot become an impostor at all. Like you want to troll your friends. But the best of all is to open the impostor cheat all the time, so you are always impostor and do not get bored with the game. Don’t be every hand impostor just because I said that, this time they will kick you out of the lobby. Good games already. Take control of the game.

How to use Among Us Hack

Normal (AmongUsMenu.dll)

Inject it with any injector you have. The “resources” folder needs to be in the same path as the dll.

Version (version.dll)

Will automatically be loaded by the Game itself if the dll is in the game directory. Make sure to include the “resources” folder into the same path as the game directory too.

Default Hotkeys

  • Show Menu – DELETE
  • Show Radar – INSERT
  • Show Console – HOME
  • Show Replay – END
  • Repair Sabotage – PAGE DOWN (PgDn)


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  1. 60705

    among all other menus i seen before
    after “adaf” and other guy called alizer stopped making among us menu i think this one is my best one
    im waiting with passion for update ^_^

  2. 131214

    click del under insert i was just sppaming my key bored and i found i

  3. 131214

    click del under insert i was just sppaming my key bored and i found it

  4. 31006

    Can confirm, it works.
    You can just use a free software like cheatengine to inject.

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