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Black Squad Free Speed Hack | Best Black Squad Cheats

UNDETECTED Black Squad Free Speed Hack

 Last Version: 14/01/2024

 Developers: desirE

Black Squad Free Speed Hack is a cheat that allows you to increase your movement speed in the game, making you faster and harder to hit. With this hack, you can run, jump, and dodge bullets quite easily, and surprise your enemies with agility. You can also use the speed hack to reach strategic positions, flank your enemies, or escape from dangerous situations.

About The Black Squad Free Speed Hack

If you are wondering how the Black Squad free speed hack works, the hack modifies the game’s code to alter the speed value of your character, giving you a boost that is not possible in the normal game settings.

And don’t you worry about the usage either. The hack is easy to use and does not require any difficult configuration. You just need to run the hack file before or after launching the game, and follow the specific steps below activate the speed hack feature. You can also adjust the speed level according to your preference and the game mode. For example, you might want to use a lower speed level for more normal gameplay, and a higher speed level for quickly ambushing your enemies with them seeing you coming.

What are the benefits of the Black Squad free speed hack? The hack can give you a lot of advantages in the game, such as:

  • Improving your mobility and maneuverability
  • Enhancing your reaction time and reflexes
  • Increasing your kill rate and score
  • Having more fun and excitement

But you are also encouraged to check out the Black Squad Aimbot, if having only speedhack is not your jam.

black squad free speed hack

How to Use The Black Squad Free Speed Hack

You can either follow the steps shown in the following YouTube video or stick to the written steps below to easily set up the cheat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfWzBeTJULo 

  1. Download the hack files from the download button
  2. Extract all files from the archive into a directory
  3. Run Skype.exe as administrator (The dev changed the program name and icon for being undetected)
  4. Change Presets to all sending packets
  5. Enable Throttle
  6. Change Timeframe(ms) to 300 and Chance(%) to 6
  7. Run steamwebhelper.exe as administrator (Its Autohotkey for starting speedhack by pressing C)
  8. Now you can press C for starting it and run faster.
  9. For pausing press C again.
  10. Enjoy  and have fun!

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