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Blademaster Anti TP Bypass (OPEN SOURCE)

UNDETECTED Blademaster Anti TP Bypass

 Last Version: 08/06/2021

 Developers: Rise Valco#4426

This Blademaster Anti TP Bypass cheat bypasses the anti tp anti-exploit in the game Blademaster. It allows you to teleport without dying to there anti-tp

Blademaster Anti TP Bypass

Question : In my game I wanted to do a anti teleport exploit. And I found one on the devfourm but it used positions instead of CFrames which is glitchy. I assume that you would see if the player has moved farther than normal. But how would I do this?

Reply :

Use the Heartbeat runservice, its good for stuff like this. Ideally, you get their latest position and then check if their new position is much greater than usual

debounce = false
Check = false 
humanoidrootpart = Player.HumanoidRootPart
maxDistance = 44
    if humanoidrootpart then
        if Check == false and debounce == false then	
            debounce = true
            LastestPos = humanoidrootpart.Position	
            Check = true
            debounce = false
            if debounce == false then	
                local NewPos = humanoidrootpart.Position	
                if (LastestPos - NewPos).Magnitude > maxDistance then
                    -- KICKKKED 
                Check = false

This checks if the player moves (maxDistance) in about a mili-second, if a lot then the person is teleporting or speed hacking, then you punish them however.

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