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Block Survivor Script | Op Roblox Cheat -2023

UNDETECTED Block Survivor Script

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: Tora IsMe

On their website, has uploaded an updated version of the Block Survivor Script for the future block game Block Survivor, which was recently provided by the company. The script comes with a graphical user interface and a number of handy features, like Auto Collect, Freeze Mobs, and Walkspeed, amongst others. In addition, the features can be customized.

Features of Block Survivor Script

  • Auto Collect
  • Freeze Mobs
  • And More!

You will be able to increase the overall playability of this game even if you just use these three capabilities; it is possible that the creator will release the full list of functions at some time in the not too distant future. Even if you only use these three capabilities, you will be able to improve the overall playability of this game.

block survivor script

Block Survivor is a multiplayer game that can be played on Roblox, and the goal of the game is to emerge victorious from a battlefield that is entirely composed of blocks. In this arena, players face off against one another in competition. The objective of the game is to finish in lowest place while avoiding potential dangers such as obstructions and traps, as well as the other players who are participating.

Players have the ability to gather coins, which can subsequently be used to purchase equipment like as weaponry and power-ups that will give them an advantage over other players in the game. Players have the ability to collect coins.

The game consists of a wide variety of different maps, each of which has its own own objective and level of challenge to contend with. Block Serviovy is a game that players of any age may be able to enjoy for a considerable length of time because of its easy yet captivating gameplay and its emphasis on social connection. This makes it a game that can be played for a very long time.

How to Use Block Survivor Script

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