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How to Bypass Emulator Detection in Solo Leveling:ARISE | Tutorial for LDPlayer and other Emulators

UNDETECTED How to Bypass Emulator Detection in Solo Leveling:ARISE

 Last Version: 19/04/2024

 Developers: ErzaxxScarle

If you are one of those players who enjoy playing Solo Leveling on an Android emulator on PC but require a way to bypass emulator detection, the error that you receive when entering the game as the game does not allow you to use an emulator. Luckily you are at the right place as with the easy method that we have prepared for you, you will easily be able to get rid of that error message and enjoy the game with any restrictions completely bypassed.

What Is an Android Emulator for Solo Leveling:ARISE and Why Use It?

If you are not familiar with the concept of emulatation or that you have never heard of the fact that you can actually run an Android operating system on Windows, you are in for a ride. With programs such as LDPlayer9 you can actually install and run a full-fledged version of the very same operating system that is on your phone.

It is probably self-explanatory that this not just only lets you use pretty much any app that you do or wanted to use on your phone, but also unlocks capabilities that would normally be impossible on your actual phone as well. Some of these include but are not limited to mapping keyboard keys and controller inputs to the emulator, so that you can play your favorite mobile games using other peripherals. On top of that you can also much easily root the device, which lets write to the root folder of your device, which many free cheats as well as modding apps can take advantage of. (Plus, with root, you can bypass emulator detection with the steps listed below)

Unfortunately some games like Solo Leveling:ARISE do not like the fact that emulators give you this freedom, so they try to limit the usage of emulators in their games to eliminate any unfair advantage in favor of emulator users. But that does not stop us cheaters from well, cheating as well creating bypasses for restrictions such emulator detection.

But if you are curious about why exactly an Android emulator is good for this game, the reason is that emulators/phones are way better for reroll in the game, especially with Netmarble locking the account reset feature for phones only, meaning that by not using the PC version, you gain access to all the exclusive mobile features that you would normally miss out on.

how to bypass emulator detection in solo leveling arise

Steps to Bypass Emulator Detection

Now that you are informed about what emulators are, why many people actually use them and what kind of advantages you would gain in Solo Leveling:ARISE, you can start bypassing the emulator detection.

Before starting the bypass emulator detection process, you should be aware that, during this tutorial you’ll see the reboot option multiple times, NEVER click on it, just restart the emulator normally.

  1. First of all, download “Solid Explorer File Manager” from the Play Store in LDPlayer
  2. By clicking on the download button below, download the .zip file that contains all the files you need
  3. Configure LDPlayer 9 Enable root and ADB access in your emulator settings. Navigate to Settings > Other Settings to do this
  4. Go to the Advanced settings section and set “System.vmdk” to be writable as a shared disk
  5. Install the Kitsune Mask v26.4 Stable APK on your emulator (included in the .zip)
  6. Launch Kitsune Mask and provide it with the necessary permissions, including file and root access.
  7. Click “install Magisk” in the app, ensuring to deselect the “recovery mode” option. Click next, but do not restart; simply close the app instead
  8. Reopen Kitsune Mask, and using the same steps, you’ll now see more method options. Opt for “Direct Install (modify /system directly).” Again, do not restart; simply close the app
  9. Open Explorer File Manager and with root access, delete these files:
    • system/bin/su
    • system/xbin/su
  10.  Restart LDPlayer 9 and open Kitsune Mask to enable Zygisk, MagiskHide, and Enforce SuList in the Magisk options
  11. Reopen Kitsune Mask, and in the modules section, choose “install from storage.” Install the provided zip files (LSPosed and BuiltIn BusyBox) one by one – install one, restart, then the other, and restart again
  12. Once all the steps are followed correctly, your emulator should be set to bypass detection, so try running the game
  13. Enjoy!

With this detailed guide, bypassing emulator detection in Solo Leveling: ARISE is at your fingertips. As long as you follow the steps carefully, you can enhance your gaming experience without any issues.

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