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CarpetHack Hub Script [Supported Best 5 Roblox Games]

UNDETECTED CarpetHack Hub Script [Supported Best 5 Roblox Games]

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: CH Hub

Cheatermad.com proudly presents CarpetHack Hub Script with 5 Popular Roblox Games including Rainbow Friends with dozens of scenarios because this script is open source on github and is highly reliable. All of this will lose its relevance over time as the game changes and scripts stop working but don’t worry we will regularly update this CarpetHack Hub Script for you.

In this regard, we make every effort to release new functioning scripts, which is a roblox script from CH Hub that offers functions such as Friends Esp, Item Esp, Teleports, Collect All Items, Walkspeed, JumpPower, Toggle Shadows and others. . All scripts on cheatermad.com are free to download, but you will need an injector to activate them; Instructions on how to use it correctly and where to find it can be found below.

CarpetHack Hub Script is an 100% open-source

Check out CarpetHack Hub’s github profile to check out the open source code: [Click Here]

CarpetHack Hub Script Information;

You can find the scripts of the games you want to find by looking for the games name or you can find the link to the source code inside of CHHub.lua.

List of Supported Roblox Game Scripts;

  • Rainbow Friends Script
  • Natural Disaster Survival Script
  • Work at a pizza place Script
  • The The Floor Is LAVA! Script
  • Natural Disaster Survival Script


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