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CastleMinerZ Cheat Menu

UNDETECTED CastleMinerZ Cheat Menu

 Last Version: 15/09/2022

 Developers: PappyG

CastleMinerZ Cheat Menu has been developed to give you a better gaming experience. Increase your gaming pleasure with

CastleMinerZ Cheat Menu.

CastleMiner Z is an online co op survival horror game in a block based environment. You can travel with your friends in a huge, ever-changing world and craft modern weapons to defend yourself from dragons and the zombie horde!

This is a little CE menu i put together, still a little buggy.
It requires CheatEngine 7.1 or above.
(Main bug being noclip not turning off until game reload.)

Make sure your flying before using no clip.
When using CycleThroughHandItems
Drop the cycled items to register them.
Make sure to cycle Block to Block, Guns to Guns, Knives to Swords, ect.
If your holding a dirt block, then cycle to a pistol, then attempt to shoot, the game will crash.
If anything in game looks strange after using the menu (Like crafting menu items getting swapped around)
Then in your Steam library, right click CastleMinerZ goto Properties, LocalFiles, and Verify Integrity Of Game File.
This fixes everything, and takes no time at all.

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Cheat Menu:


A few things have been added for v0.6.

Changes Updates

Updates v1.0.1 (Fixed)

I ended up losing my entire cheat table, script, and everything, causing me to start from scratch, but allowing me to remove all the un un necessary menu lag.
The menu is less visually appealing now, but has more features, and some features have been changed.

Removed Lag

SpamNade – Now throws more at a higher rate.

ForceHost – Ability to force host (Unstable, Shares drops with host, messes with render, can no longer drop items to people, sometimes causes crashes.)

ChangeName – Ability to change your name (Unstable, if your name is changed while in the game menu, good chance of crashing. Not very usable yet.)

LongerMsgText – Extends your message input.

SpawnAliens – Spawn Aliens on command.

EnemyManager – Change Enemy Stats (Adding more)

SpawnDragon – Spawn/Kill any dragon on command.

UnlockAllAchievements – Host an Endurance game, then click the button to unlock all achievements.

ReachDistance – Change Reach Distance. (Also increases particle sizes)

ReSync/Connected – Re Syncs menu to newly opened game client.

Reset Menu button – Resets values/slider/buttons in menu

And More – Theres still a few things that are waaay too buggy to add at the moment, losing my entire progress definitely sucked, either way, this should be an improvement to the last.

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