COD Cold War Zombies Hack Trainer


 Version: 1.15.3

 Developers: FatalityVenom & 30clip

If you are looking for COD Cold War Zombies hacks or trainers that really work, you are in the right place, this hack for cod cold war is completely free to use. It works great with some of the most challenging features like COD Cold War Zombies Trainer, COD Cold War zombies God Mode, COD Cold War zombies money, and Rapid fire hacks.


How to Use COD Cold War Zombies Hack:

1. Download the Trainer
2. Rename the .exe file in any way
3. Run the Trainer
4. A console window opens with bindings for the trainer.
5. Enjoy!

Note: XP is still disabled because it has a very high ban risk. (and we don’t want ppl blaming us bcz they got banned, source is open you can modify it)

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  1. Do not i repeat do not even fucking download this garbage i got banned instantly in the main menu without even activating any think. So please Dont unless u dont wnna play cold war again

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