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Combat Arms Latino Hack

UNDETECTED combat arms classic hack

 Last Version: 04/06/2023

 Developers: DisOwned

Combat Arms Classic Hack is an MMOFPS that focuses on multiplayer gaming cheat. Its huge variety of customizable cheat features and known hack modes provide gamers a high-quality cheat experience. The game takes place in a vast world that features many different hacks features. Each map varies in design, terrain, and notable landmarks.

Several weapons, once purchased, can be further customized to suit the player’s needs. Players are able to improve the potential of their weapons (such as increasing firepower). Some weapons can also be combined or forged in order to create new, more powerful weapons.

When a player creates a room, he or she can choose the corresponding level limit or not. Players can also change the settings of the level caps after the room has been created. However, players can only choose from Rookie / Senior. Cannot switch to Rookie / Senior. Similarly, Rookie and Veteran could not have swapped each other. Rooms that create restrictions have an icon in the list of rooms in the lobby and no icon indicates no restrictions.

Combat Arms Classic Hack Features:

  1. Moves:
    • Speed Hack
    • Jump Hack
    • Fly hack
  2. Visual:
    • Chams
    • Remove Fog
    • Remove Flash
    • Remove Texture
    • Fullbright
    • Player Glow
    • Hide Gun
  3. Weapon:
    • Activation Distance
    • RapidFire
    • Teleport Gun
    • No Recoil

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  1. 31201

    use extreme injector…

  1. 411829

    the cheat works then it has a menu but all the cheats have no function

  2. 192415

    Too complex need “how to install”
    i have tons of files and nothing works

  3. 183777

    bruh easy anti cheat blocks extreme injector entirely

  4. 31201

    use extreme injector…

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