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Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack

UNDETECTED Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack

 Last Version: 09/12/2023

 Developers: epstein

Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack is a very basic Cheat for CoH2 with the ability to remove fog, show squad in map and more

Since there are little to no hacks for Company of Heroes 2, with this undetected hack, you might as well be the only person that hacks in the game. But that does not mean that cheating isn’t fun in CoH 2 because the fact that there are not many like you, makes the whole thing way more fun.

The Company of Heroes 2 series, which is backed by the Essence Engine, has certain unique mechanisms that reward careful players. From the TrueSight system, which simulates the units’ line of sight, to the cover system, which encourages clever unit placement – not to mention the combined arms approach and hard and soft counters gameplay, which will make you think twice about destroying a tank with a simple squad of riflemen – each game provides players with an endless stream of tactical options that can turn the tide of war.

Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack Features

  • remove fog
  • show squad in map
  • enable/disable debug method
  • enable/disable script block – make you can load your own scrpit in online game
  • minimap/map hack
  • view distance unlocker
  • veto hack (basically allows you to ban any map you want, keep in mind that if lelic servers are unable to find opponent similar to your elo then it can force even banned map anyway with another opponent)

How to Use Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack

  1. Download Company of Heroes 2 Free Hack from our website
  2. Start Company of Heroes 2
  3. File is a dll file, to inject you need x64 injector e.g. Xenos64
  4.  imgui has been added on “Insert” key
  5. imgui key is F2 now, game hwid spoofer has been added

In order to properly catch hwid event dll has to be injected right after game starts and before lobby/steam is initializated (you can see steam mini window popup, that’s where things are initializated) just inject before that and spoofer should work properly

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    When i click DONWLOAD why its redirecting here???? THERE IS NO HACK HERE WTF!

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